Tim Allen Accused By Santa Clauses Co-Star, Worst Experience She’s Ever Had

By Robert Scucci | Published

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Variety reports that Casey Wilson did not have a pleasant experience working on-set with Tim Allen on the Disney+ series, The Santa Clauses. Could it be that working with Allen on this Christmas series was no real holiday?

Casey Wilson Speaks Out

During a recent interview on the Bitch Sesh podcast, Wilson pulled back the curtain and walked us through what she considers to be the “single worst experience” she’s ever had with a co-star while working on a show.

Though the series takes us into the world of our favorite holly-jolly Christmastime figurehead, Wilson asserts that Tim Allen was anything but jovial and an absolute nightmare to work with.

Tim Allen A Diva?

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It’s not uncommon for long days on the set to bring out the worst in people, but most stars know how to maintain some semblance of professionalism.

According to Casey Wilson, Tim Allen acted like a diva while they were working together on scenes, and wouldn’t even make eye contact with the cast and crew involved with the production.

To make matters worse, Allen allegedly spoke to Wilson indirectly through a producer when he thought she was stepping on his lines during a scene.

Went On The Whole Day

Though it could have been the case that Casey Wilson witnessed Tim Allen in rare form during her time on the set, a crew member told her that she actually caught him on a good day.

Tim Allen’s behavior seemingly stayed in diva territory for the entire day of shooting, at least according to Casey Wilson.

Took Off Costume And Left

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Casey Wilson went on to say that Tim Allen immediately left the set without warning after working on a scene.

Whether he left to get his makeup touched up or simply needed to take a break, exiting the set wasn’t the main issue, but rather how he left the set.

According to Wilson, Allen simply took off his costume and dropped it on the floor for the crew to pick up after shouting that he was leaving, and walked off.

Walking On Eggshells

It’s one thing to be rude on set, but Casey Wilson’s recounting of Tim Allen’s on-set behavior tells us that he was downright disrespectful to everybody he worked with on numerous occasions.

In her own words, she said that everybody was walking on eggshells when he was present because he was standoffish and unapproachable the entire time.

This isn’t the first time Tim Allen has supposedly engaged in questionable behavior with a co-star.

Just last year, Home Improvement co-star Pamela Anderson alleged that Allen once opened his robe and exposed himself to her before her first day of filming as a joke, which made her extremely uncomfortable.

Yet To Respond

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Though Tim Allen has since denied these claims, his representatives have yet to respond to Casey Wilson’s allegations.

The Santa Clauses just aired its season 2 finale on December 6 2023. The Tim Allen-starring series functions as a continuation to the first three Santa Clause films, and sees Allen reprising his role as Scott Calvin/Santa Clause.

Casey Wilson appears in the series’ first episode episode “Chapter One: Good to Ho,” in which she portrays an adult version of Sara, who Melissa King previously portrayed in 1994’s The Santa Clause.

As of this writing, The Santa Clauses has not been renewed for a third season on Disney+.