Tiger King 2 Star Bashes The Directors

Tiger King 2 is comi g under fire from one of its main subjects.

By Kristi Eckert | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

tiger king 2 carole baskin

The widely popular, highly controversial, and unconventional true-crime docuseries, Netflix’s Tiger King (2020) was one of the pandemic’s most successful releases. It explored the conflicting worlds of big cat collectors versus big cat conservationists and ultimately exposed Joe Exotic’s elaborate plan to have the Big Cat Rescue founder, Carole Baskin, killed. Directors Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode of the first Tiger King are about to release Tiger King 2 and Carole Baskin is not too happy about its content. According to Variety, Carole Baskin has been openly critical of Tiger King 2 and the filmmakers who made it.

In an exclusive phone interview, Carole Baskin disclosed to Variety exactly why she isn’t pleased with Tiger King 2 and criticized the filmmaking integrity of both of its directors. In addition to revealing her surprise at the fact that they would be pushing out a sequel so soon, given that the first one took five years to produce, she said that “I wouldn’t call Eric Goode or Rebecca Chaiklin true documentarians.”

Carole Baskin continued to candidly recount the harassment that she received in the wake of the first Tiger King’s release. She detailed that she received death threats for months, particularly because the show insinuated that she killed her first husband John Lewis who mysteriously went missing back in 1997. However, she also noted that she will be watching Tiger King 2 even though she did not condone its development so that she can be equipped with the knowledge she would need to defend herself following the release of Tiger King 2

tiger king 2 carole baskin

Carole Baskin isn’t the only one in her family speaking out against the Tiger King and Tiger King 2 filmmakers. Her third and current husband spoke with Oxygen regarding his opinions of the production. Not surprisingly, he concurred with his wife’s views of the show and referred to its directors as “con artists”. 

Additionally, the Tiger King himself Joe Exotic, according to Truth Daily, will also reappear in Tiger King 2, albeit by telephone since he is currently incarcerated. The exact date when fans will get to hear what the eccentric Joe Exotic has to say from inside his cell is currently unknown. However, Netflix did release an announcement on their Twitter account that viewers could expect it to be released before the end of this year

With only three months left in 2021, it is clear that the release of Tiger King 2 is definitely looming on the horizon. The fact that its directors and Netflix’s executives worked to get the sequel to the original out so quickly is really a testament to the program’s far-reaching popularity. In fact, Amazon, for a time, was entertaining the idea of making a show starring Nicolas Cage based on the original documentary. However, since those initial rumors surfaced the project has reportedly been put on hold. Still, considering the impending release of Tiger King 2 and the drama that is sure to ensue after its release, it could potentially inspire Amazon to reconsider putting the project back on their radar. The likelihood of that happening, though, is still only rooted in speculation.