The Orville Season 4 Is Sounding Like It’s In Deep Trouble

The Orville star Adrianne Palicki says there is no official movement on Season 4 of the show.

By Jessica Goudreault | Updated

the Orville season 4

Sci-fi fans have been anxiously waiting nearly a year to hear news about The Orville Season 4, wanting to know whether or not it’s going to happen. Unfortunately, things don’t look too good for the continuation of the Seth MacFarlane comedy-drama TV series. Adrianne Palicki, who stars as first officer Kelly Grayson, says that there is nothing official despite the circulating rumors, says Den of Geeks.

Even though the new season is not in development, Adrianne Palicki has an interesting idea for the future of her character. If The Orville Season 4 does happen, she wants to see her character supersede Seth MacFarlane’s character (Captain Ed Mercer) by becoming the captain of the traveling spaceship since she pretty much is already. Adrianna Palicki has discussed the idea with the show’s creator, and he just might be on board with it.

the Orville season 4
Adrianne Palicki

The Orville takes place 400 years in the future as it follows an exploratory spaceship and its cast of characters as they fly around the galaxy. The show functions as a parody/homage to Star Trek, but also stands on its own as a modern comedy that faces real-world situations and drama.

For instance, there was an episode where a Moclan being named Topa needed to change from male to female to protect themselves against harm and alienation. The storyline earned positive fan feedback on its recognition and acceptance of transgender beings. It was surely an important episode for viewers to not only watch but to truly understand during this important time in our society.

The Orville has had quite the journey since it first premiered in September 2017. The show has had to navigate all the wrenches thrown at it during the pandemic, and the jump from two seasons on Fox to a third season on Hulu. The show’s first season received negative reviews, but it came back stronger with even more humor and drama in seasons two and three, giving many fans hope that there would be The Orville Season 4.

The third season of the show, The Orville: New Horizons premiered on Hulu in June 2022 after production was put on pause during the pandemic. After almost a full year without any confirmation of The Orville Season 4, it doesn’t bode well for the new season.

The show’s creator and lead actor, Seth MacFarlane, is currently working on a few other projects. He is known for writing and producing hilarious TV shows like Family Guy and American Dad!, so he is continuing in his wheelhouse by writing and producing two new TV shows: Ted, a spinoff from the Seth MacFarlane film with the same name, and The Naked Gun, a sequel to Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult. In addition, he also has a hand in producing the animated comedy TV series Good Times, so it’s not too surprising if he doesn’t have time for The Orville Season 4.

While fans of the show wait to hear whether or not The Orville Season 4 is happening, they can watch the first three seasons on Hulu.