Dark Sci-Fi Thriller On Streaming Is One Of The Best Remakes In Decades

By Britta DeVore | Published

the invisible man

After dipping into the 2000s, the popularity of reboots, reimaginings, and sequels picked up to a speed that we’ve never really seen before. While it’s hard to bring a beloved story back to the big screen, and give it a fresh spin that makes it adaptable for the times, one 2020 horror sci-fi film absolutely nailed it. And, right now, audiences can check out that title – Leigh Whannell’s (Insidious: Chapter 3) The Invisible Man as the Elisabeth Moss-led thriller is now streaming on multiple platforms.

Elisabeth Moss In The Invisible Man

In this updated reimagining of the 1933 movie of the same name (which itself was based on H.G. Wells’ novel), The Invisible Man stars Elisabeth Moss as Cee Kass, a woman trapped in an abusive relationship who is only able to fully separate herself from her aggressor after his death.

Even with the veil of the afterlife between them, Cee still feels her ex-boyfriend’s presence from beyond the grave. Struggling to get a grasp on reality, Cee begins to wonder if her aggressor was able to pull off a project he had been working on before his supposed death – the creation of an invisibility suit.

Released During The Pandemic

elisabeth moss

Along with Moss, The Invisible Man also stars Oliver Jackson-Cohen (The Haunting of Hill House), Aldis Hodge (Cross), and more.

Unfortunately for its release, the sci-fi thriller unveiled itself in theaters just weeks before the entire world would shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Still, it was able to hold its own at the box office, nabbing $144.5 million against its $7 million production budget, before Universal Pictures pushed it to digital following the government-mandated closures.

One Of The Best Remakes

As far as remakes go, The Invisible Man is one of the best that you’ll come across in terms of shifting a well-known story for modern-day audiences while still keeping up with the scary tone that first led it to gain a fan base.

Instead of an abusive relationship, the original centers around a mad scientist who undergoes an experiment to turn himself invisible.

With no one the wiser about his dark secret, the doctor begins to troll his village with pranks but eventually, those harmless hijinks turn into murder.

The Invisible Man Process

the invisible man

Modernizing not only a genre favorite film but also a book by the legendary Wells was certainly no small task. Which is why director Leigh Whannell knew that the only person he could trust to pen the adaptation was himself.

While The Invisible Man was the third feature-length film that Whannell helmed, it was far from his first screenplay writing rodeo.

In the past, the scribe has teamed up with his frequent collaborator James Wan to pen such classics as the first three films in the Saw franchise, The Mule, several movies in the Insidious film series, and more. 

More After This One

the invisible man

After the success of The Invisible Man, Universal knew that they had a secret weapon in Whannell, tapping him to direct their remake of The Wolf Man.

The project is still in its early stages with the latest news being that Ryan Gosling left his post as leading man which gave Christopher Abbott the chance to step up.

Audiences won’t need to wait long to see the film as it’s set to arrive just in time for the spooky season on October 25, 2024.

Streaming The Invisible Man

the invisible man

While you wait for The Wolf Man to drop a trailer and more information, you can check out Whannell’s crafty reimagining of The Invisible Man now streaming across a handful of platforms.

This is definitely one you don’t want to miss.