The Boys Season 4 Reveals Homelander Planning Something Important

By April Ryder | Published

the boys season 4

Fans anxiously await the arrival of The Boys season 4, and Prime Video has dropped recent hints on what’s to come in the new season, along with a 2024 release projection.

In the first look at some key promotional images released by Amazon, Homelander and the Vought supes are going to have a happy Election Day, and it’s clear that Homelander is planning something big. 

Homelander Plotting Something

A newly released promo image for The Boys season 4 shows Homelander (Anthony Starr) from behind, and even without his face showing, the character looks like he’s up to no good.

He’s tired of dealing with Hughie and the Boys constantly working to sabotage his plans, and you can expect that he will do just about anything to rid himself of their presence. 

Season 3 of The Boys showed a pretty straightforward approach to Homelander’s descent into madness. It’s clear that he doesn’t care about public image or moral consequences as long as he gets what he wants. 

Homelander Winning Election?

The streamer also released two images featuring Homelander and Butcher in contrasting moods.

Homelander’s image showed him standing strong with his arms up and his face fastened in a domineering stare while red and blue confetti rain down from above.

Billy Butcher Not Looking Great

Butcher’s image has him standing with his head down surrounded by a sea of blue and red balloons and confetti on the floor around him. 

Based on the message conveyed by those two images, fans can be sure that The Boys season 4 will have plenty of challenges ahead for Billy Butcher and his cohorts. Neuman and Singer will likely win the election, to the dismay and detriment of Butcher, Hughie, and the Boys. 

The Boys showrunner, Eric Kripke, let out a little more information about season 4, saying that the supe-targeted virus first introduced on Gen V will return to play a crucial part in the new season’s plot. 

Strikes Delayed The Boys Season 4

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Shooting for the new season of the popular sci-fi show was held up due to the writer/actor strikes. However, the recent conclusion of the conflict has put The Boys Season 4 back in business. The show finished filming season 4 before the actor/writer strikes began, but editing was delayed for months. 

Since the SAG-AFTRA strike ended, the editing of The Boys season 4 is mostly finished, and the team is moving on to the music and visual effects next. Marketing is clearly underway for the new episodes, and a release date is expected to be revealed soon. 

The Boys Has More Plans

While fans of the show wait, Prime Video did drop a tantalizing announcement of a new spinoff series, titled The Boys: Mexico is in development now. Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal are set to work as executive producers of the new show, but there have been no specific details on how the new series will rabbit-hole itself into the main series. 

The Boys Is On Amazon Prime

the boys season 4

Season 4 of The Boys is set to seal the deal on Homelander’s nefarious nature. Until then, you’re welcome to grab a sandwich and get comfy in your favorite chair to watch the first three seasons of the popular show streaming on Prime Video with a subscription to the channel.