The Black Phone 2 Is Doing Everything Right For A Sequel

By Robert Scucci | Published

ethan hawke black phone

Deadline reports that the original cast from 2022’s The Black Phone is reuniting for an upcoming sequel that is due out in June 2025. The plot and setting of The Black Phone 2 is shrouded in mystery at the time of this writing. But if Ethan Hawke, Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, Jeremy Davies, and Miguel Mora are on board to reprise their roles, then it’s safe to say that the sequel will embody the same spirit as the supernatural horror sleeper-hit that preceded it.

Cast And Writers Returning For The Sequel

Cast Of The Black Phone

Just like the first film, The Black Phone 2 will be co-written by Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill. The 2022 film was inspired by the 2004 Joe Hill short story of the same name. The sequel will also be a collaboration between Blumhouse Productions, Crooked Highway, and Universal Pictures, meaning that all hands are on deck to give The Black Phone the sequel it deserves. Though we’re going to have to wait for further developments to know exactly what’s going to happen in the sequel, we’re not worried about continuity. It’s not uncommon for sequels to be hastily (and sometimes poorly) written after a film’s success. But in the case of The Black Phone 2, Joe Hill actually approached Derrickson with a pitch for a sequel if The Black Phone turned out to be a success.

Black Phone 2 Planned Even Before The First Film Premiered

Joe Hill, who has reportedly been very protective of his original short story, was such a fan of the film adaptation that he was already thinking about a sequel before the release of the first film. In other words, the story for The Black Phone 2 has probably been gestating for quite some time, and was conceived proactively rather than as an afterthought.

Ethan Hawke As The Grabber

The Black Phone is a disturbing tale of child abduction at the hands of a serial killer named The Grabber (Ethan Hawke). The narrative in the first film centers on a 13-year-old named Finney, who is abducted by The Grabber and locked in a soundproof basement. Throughout the film, Finney receives a number of phone calls from past victims through a seemingly disconnected black phone, and they try to guide him to safety.

The Grabber’s Return

But we’re wondering how The Black Phone 2 will pick up where its predecessor left off, because the ending seemed to be conclusive.

The Black Phone ended with Finney’s escape, and The Grabber meeting a gruesome fate. But since we’re dealing with supernatural elements, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that The Grabber will make an appearance in The Black Phone 2. Though we’re speculating based on the limited information that we have about the upcoming sequel, we can’t help but wonder if we’ll be hearing The Grabber’s disembodied voice through the titular telephone as he continues to terrorize the community from beyond the grave.

2022’s Surprise Hit

The Black Phone was a sleeper hit upon its 2022 release, earning over $160 million against its reported modest budget of $18 million. On the critical front, the film garnered an 81 percent critical score against an 88 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. If The Black Phone 2 lives up to our expectations, we’ll likely have another hit on our hands, and The Grabber will continue to be the stuff of nightmares upon the sequel’s June 27, 2025 release.