The Astronaut Chills In First Look At Sci-Fi Thriller

By Britta DeVore | Published

astronaut the astronaut
  • The Astronaut stars Kate Mara in this sci-fi thriller
  • In The Astronaut, Kate Mara is at the center of a mystery after returning from space
  • Laurence Fishburne and Gabriel Luna also star in The Astronaut

Space exploration’s dangers and perils have always been a thrilling area for directors – sci-fi background or not – to work into their projects. Perhaps that’s why Jess Varley (Phobias) has chosen to make a spacewoman the topic of her solo writing and directorial debut in the Kate Mara-led feature, The Astronaut.

Kate Mara In The Astronaut

the astronaut

With all the makings of a classic thriller, a first-look image flips the genre on its head as Mara’s Sam Walker is living life on the edge after returning from her mission in the cosmos with the unnerving feeling that something came back with her.

Our debut glimpse of The Astronaut foreshadows an edge-of-your-seat nail-biter as Kate Mara can be seen hiding behind a shelf and keeping an eye out for something that lurks behind her.

Terrors In Space With The Astronaut

the astronaut

The bright colors of neon blue wash over the paranoid astronaut further adding to the uneasy vibes that come with Mara’s already concerned face.

She’s also still wearing something with a NASA logo, meaning she’s still under the group’s watchful eye.

Other Majors Names In The Astronaut

laurence fishburne

This upcoming movie is filled to the brim with recognizable faces, along with The Martian and American Horror Story star Kate Mara.

The Astronaut also features leading performances from the iconic Laurence Fishburne of the John Wick and The Matrix franchises and Gabriel Luna who was most recently seen in HBO’s post-apocalyptic series The Last of Us and Netflix’s FUBAR.

Brad Fuller, the producer behind films in the A Quiet Place and The Purge franchises, will be overseeing Varley’s breakthrough production along with all of the famous names attached to the call sheet.

Kate Mara’s Role In The Astronaut

In The Astronaut, NASA employee Sam Walker (Mara) has passed her first mission to the cosmos with almost flying colors as, upon reentering the Earth’s atmosphere, she somehow ends up lost at sea yet is still found alive in her capsule.

After serving her country and completing her job, Sam is anxious to make it home to her husband (Luna), but after her crash landing, she’s instead taken to a high-security location controlled by NASA, where she’ll undergo tests while under constant review from General William Harris (Fishburne).

After several bizarre incidents happen to her, Sam wonders if she’s losing her mind or if it could be possible that she’s brought something back to Earth with her.

Previously In The Martian

The Astronaut marks Kate Mara’s most recent entanglement with outer space as the actress previously appeared alongside Ridley Scott’s star-studded cast in the 2015 feature The Martian.

Alongside Matt Damon and other names including Jessica Chastain and Kristen Wiig, Mara’s character was similar to that of her The Astronaut role as she was also one of the members of the away team. While Scott’s feature was thrilling, it appears as though Mara’s latest endeavor will kick things up a notch.

Kate Mara On The Big Screen

the astronaut

Aside from her work on The Astronaut, Kate Mara will also be soon celebrating the release of another project titled The Dutchman.

Helmed by Andre Gaines, the thriller will also feature performances from Zazie Beetz, Aldis Hodge, and more. Both movies are in post-production and haven’t revealed their release windows at this time.