Taika Waititi Making A Star Wars Movie About The Worst Character?

Would Taika Waititi think about making his Star Wars movie about the franchise's worst character. He mentioned something recently about it

By Doug Norrie | Published

Taika Waititi

There seem to be a lot of moving parts in the Star Wars universe and franchise right now. Disney+ just wrapped up a much-anticipated story, there are more series on the way, and of course, a number of different movies are planned as well. It’s a franchise that seems like it is only in growth mode, which is really saying something. And even with all of this, one of the productions fans are most looking forward to is when Taika Waititi finally gets his Star Wars movie installment up on the big screen. While we know the director often has the winning formula, little is known about what he plans on doing when he gets his hand on Star Wars. Though he did hint (hopefully tongue-in-cheek) that he could bring back the franchise’s worst character.

While appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Taika Waititi started things off by getting questioned a bit about what his plans were for the Star Wars movie he has in the pipeline. He played coy to start, giving a bunch of faces to Colbert when the latter throughout the words Skywalker saga” while questioning what kinds of plans Waititi had with this franchise. And then when Colbert asks if he’s going to “ruin Star Wars” well that’s when Waititi brought up a character that really no fan wants to see any more of anytime soon. Check it out:

It’s always good when a director and writer can have a little fun with some of the things that have come before in the Star Wars franchise, and here it would seem that Taika Waititi at least gets it some. He says in response to Colbert, “What if I was like, yeah, I’m going to give you the Jar Jar Binks story…” Of course, this is the director having a bit of fun with what he isn’t going to do with his movie (hopefully) and understanding that of all the potential characters and story arcs to make a new movie for, the Jar-Jar Binks one would likely finish dead last.

The character was first introduced in The Phantom Menace and was nearly universally derided for really just about everything he brought to the big screen. The voice, the mannerisms, the inane actions, really everything. It was a pretty big misstep at the time. 

But rest assured, it doesn’t appear Taika Waititi has plans to bring Jar-Jar back into the fold, at least not if he’s willing to joke about the possibility as being so ridiculous that it was his reference when asked if he was going to “ruin” things. So on that account, it would appear that Star Wars should be in relatively good hands where Taika Waititi is concerned. And the director’s resume does speak for itself at this point. He handled his first foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe almost perfectly with the spectacular reset of the Thor character in Ragnarok. And he’s set to wrap that story up with Thor: Love and Thunder which is due out next week.

As for the Taika Waititi Star Wars movie? We are still a ways off with that with the director saying he is still in the writing process. And it should be all good as long as it doesn’t include Jar-Jar.