Fan Reaction To New Superman Using Christopher Reeve Title Is All In One Direction

By TeeJay Small | Published


James Gunn recently announced that he had changed the name of his upcoming DCU film from Superman: Legacy to simply Superman, due to changes which occurred during the scriptwriting process. Gunn released a few behind-the-scenes sneak peaks at the upcoming film’s Superman suit as well, in hopes of building hype for the long-awaited release. Unfortunately, it seems as though fans largely don’t care one way or the other, according to a recent social media poll taken by the team at GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT.

A Superman By Any Other Title…


Despite the excitement many fans hold for the upcoming Superman outing, the title is largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Some fans feared that the new title would inspire backlash from fans of the Christopher Reeve Superman franchise, which also utilized the simple one word title, though it doesn’t seem to hold much weight among fans on X, where the poll was conducted. While most fans don’t care, though the fans with strong opinions in favor of the name change significantly outweigh those against it.

The New Superman

The latest actor to don the blue and red spandex is Pearl’s David Corenswet, who is a relative newcomer to the Hollywood industry. Despite holding acting credits which date back to 2011, Corenswet is still largely unknown to the massive audience of fans who are about to see him take on the role of Superman and his secret identity Clark Kent.

Judged Against The Other Men Of Steel

henry cavill the flash

David Corenswet’s performance in the film, which is poised to launch James Gunn’s entire DCU franchise, will definitively determine if the use of Superman as a title is warranted, as fans will have the opportunity to weigh his performance against that of actors like Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, and Henry Cavill. Corenswet star is already on a major rise due to his landmark casting.

We Still Have A While To Wait

james gunn superman

Another factor which has likely caused fans to lack interest in the upcoming movie’s title change is the fact that it’s still so far from reaching audiences in the first place. Superman isn’t expected to arrive in theaters until July of 2025, and hasn’t even begun shooting yet, meaning a number of foundational changes could still occur between now and the time that fans see the film. Some major blockbusters change titles 3 or 4 times over the course of production, while some remain wholly untitled until the post-production process is nearly finished.

Hopefully James Gunn Can Protect Superman

James Gunn DCU

For the time being, it just seems too early to be invested in James Gunn’s Superman film, especially now that Warner Bros Discovery has developed such a penchant for taking fully finished films such as Batgirl and Coyote Vs. Acme and throwing them in the trash. Of course, James Gunn’s position as co-creative head of DC combined with his overall enthusiasm in the project seems to signal good things for Superman and the rest of the DC cinematic universe.