A Former Superman Just Joined The Worst Show On Television

Brandon Routh of Superman Returns fame is joining the cast of Quantum Leap for one episode.

By James Brizuela | Updated

brandon routh

Despite the horrid ratings for Quantum Leap, the series has been bringing in some high-level talent, and now they are adding Superman to that mix. Superman Returns actor, Brandon Routh, is officially going to appear in the Quantum Leap series on NBC for one episode, which is set to premiere on February 27. The episode will see Routh take on the role of Alexander Augustine in the episode.

Brandon Routh’s Alexander Augustine is the father of the current character, Addison (Caitlin Bassett), who is a mainstay character in Quantum Leap. In the episode, Dr. Ben Song (Raymond Lee) will be transported to the war games in 1989, and Routh will be his commanding officer. Routh was rather excited about this opportunity, as he told IGN, “Growing up watching Quantum Leap, it was an honor to portray such a pivotal character in Addison’s life.”

Unfortunately, Brandon Routh is speaking about the classic Quantum Leap series that was a fan favorite in the 1980s. The reboot series has not been doing so great, as the viewership for the series dropped by a significant margin after an episode covered the mistreatment of a trans teenager. The episode got a terrible 0.3 rating and lost some 365k viewers.

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The series currently holds a 55 percent critic approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with a somewhat better 66 percent audience approval rating. Quantum Leap has seen a significant drop in viewership since it returned from winter break, but Brandon Routh could help to bring people back to the series. Routh spent time as The Atom on Legends of Tomorrow and reprised his role as Superman for the Crisis on Infinite Earths event the CW put together.

People are certainly fans of Brandon Routh, as the man has also been in several movies like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Zach and Miri Make a Porno. Routh could be what is needed to bring Quantum Leap out of its current slump. Despite the less-than-great viewership numbers, NBC has yet to cancel the series, and renewed it for a second season, though that may change when the first season ends.

The original Quantum Leap series was special in that it did handle a subject matter that was considered to be more controversial in the 1980s. It appears the Raymond Lee series is doing the same, though there have been far fewer fans that have appreciated the current show’s attempts. Brandon Routh could remind everyone that Quantum Leap has plenty of surprises ahead.

Although Scott Bakula has reiterated many times he has no interest in returning to the world of Quantum Leap, he might still pop up for a cameo. This is just speculation, but NBC might be able to coax the original Quantum Leap star back to the world he helped to make special.

Quantum Leap airs every Monday on NBC, with the episodes also available to stream on the Peacock streaming app. Brandon Routh will be making his Quantum Leap debut on February 27, and his appearance might bring this ailing series back in good favor for audiences. Everyone will have to tune in to see if Routh’s acting gravitas pairs well with Lee’s.