Stranger Things Episodes Are Being Changed And Re-Edited

The Duffer Brothers are rumored to be changing and editing things from earlier Stranger Things episodes, which might anger fans.

By James Brizuela | Published

stranger things

Stranger Things Season 4 has finally wrapped up, and there are plenty of people that have plenty of questions. We all want to know what the Upside-Down is, and how Eleven essentially created it. Also, why does Hawkins have to be the epicenter for the bad things that have happened? Well, there is one greater question that has been posed to the Duffer Brothers, and one they can’t seem to get away from. What happened to Will’s birthday? This seemingly forgotten mistake is constantly being brought up, which has led to the editing of older episodes.

During an earlier season of Stranger Things, it had been established that March 22nd was Will Byers’s birthday. This fact rose back to prominence during the fourth season, as the date in question was brought up in an episode. The episode that saw Mike return and hit a roller-skating rink with Eleven and Will was full of drama and fun. However, when the kids watched the video on the camcorder they had, the date was clearly marked March 22nd. However, no one seemed to wish Will a “happy birthday.” Now, it seems this mistake pointed out by fans might be fixed by the Duffer Brothers. Also, there are rumors that the Duffers have taken out parts of a scene in the first season where Johnathan takes pictures of Nancy while she is changing.

If we are being honest, there is a ton more happening for the kids of Hawkins that they could have naturally forgotten to tell Will “happy birthday.” However, for continuity purposes, fans of Stranger Things might not let this one go. Will is clearly in constant turmoil in the most recent season, especially considering he is found out to be gay and in love with his best friend Mike. That was not established, but Will’s older brother hints at it in a conversation with his younger brother. Noah Schnapp also confirmed this fact recently, outside of the show that is.

The Duffer Brothers spoke to Variety about the mishap of missing Will’s birthday in Stranger Things, and they are planning to “George Lucas” the episode that contains his birthday. George Lucas had a habit of retroactively editing his work after it had come out. They have stated they would retroactively edit the information to be May 22nd and not March. The reasoning behind that is to ensure that Joyce does not also forget her own son’s birthday. They claim that his friends forgetting his birthday is one thing, but his mom doing so would be quite “too cruel.” Again, we get that everyone in Hawkins is trying to save one another and the world, and a birthday could be forgotten. However, Dustin’s birthday is also mentioned in the fourth season, so now it seems they do have to go back and fix their mistake.

Stranger Things has become the 2nd biggest watched series in Netflix history, and the attention to detail that some fans have is an indication of how popular the show has become. We could forgive The Duffer Brothers for forgetting Will’s birthday. It does seem like an odd detail to care about, especially considering most people likely don’t care. However, the Duffers are certainly dedicated enough to their craft to fix their mistakes.