Exclusive: Steven Yeun Reteaming With Jordan Peele

By Michileen Martin | Published

nope steven yeun
Steven Yeun in Nope

It’s traditionally been pretty tough to get any information about Jordan Peele’s films, but we at least know one of the cast members. Our trusted and proven sources tell us Steven Yeun (Beef) will be starring in Peele’s next film, whose title has not yet been revealed.

We’ve exclusively learned Steven Yeun will once more collaborate with Oscar-winning filmmaker Jordan Peele on the writer/director’s next movie.

This not only represents the first casting news for Jordan Peele’s next feature, but some of the only news that’s come out about it at all. Variety broke the news in March that Universal Pictures had added Untitled Fourth Film Directed by Jordan Peele to its release calendar, with the movie slated to hit theaters Christmas Day 2024.

It’s typical for Jordan Peele to allow very little about his upcoming features to be leaked to the press, which makes the news about Steven Yeun’s casting that much more surprising. On the other hand, considering their history, it isn’t that big of a shock.

Steven Yeun’s casting may be the only thing we know about the next Peele film, but the release date of Christmas Day 2024 makes it tempting to speculate.

Steven Yeun’s first appearance in a Peele directed feature was in last year’s sci-fi horror Nope. The Walking Dead alum played Ricky “Jupe” Park, the owner of the Jupiter’s Claim theme park, as well as a former child actor. However, the pair have been working on screen projects together as far back as 2019.

steven yeun
Steven Yeun in The Twilight Zone

The fourth episode of Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone revival, “A Traveler,” starred Steven Yeun as a mysterious wanderer whose appearance at an Alaska police station sets a strange series of events in motion. That same year he appeared in an episode of YouTube Premium’s short-lived sci-fi anthology series Weird City, which Peele created with Charlie Sanders (Key and Peele). Likewise, both appeared in the 2016 Red Nose Day TV movie.

Steven Yeun’s casting may be the only thing we know about the next Peele film, but the release date of Christmas Day 2024 makes it tempting to speculate.

In particular, we can’t help but wonder if Peele’s next feature will be a new entry in the long tradition of Christmas-themed horror flicks. Some of the more well-regarded Christmas-themed horror films include 1974’s Black Christmas, 1984’s Gremlins, 2010’s Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, and 2016’s Better Watch Out.

Though it should be made crystal clear this is only speculation, it would make sense for Universal Pictures to be eager to green light a non-traditional — and likely violent — Christmas movie, considering the success they found with last year’s Violent Night, which starred David Harbour as Santa Claus in a very Die-Hard-esque situation.

Steven Yeun in Beef

While we’re waiting for more information about Steven Yeun’s appearance in Peele’s next movie — whatever the subject matter — do yourself a favor and check out Yeun in Netflix‘s black comedy drama Beef. It will make you want to see absolutely everything Yeun and his co-star Ali Wong (Always Be My Maybe) have ever been in.