Steve Martin’s Father Of The Bride Remake Replacement Announced

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

andy garcia father of the bride steve martin

Many years ago Steve Martin played a father who tried everything in his power to make sure his movie daughter didn’t marry a man the former thought would be a bad fit for his baby girl. It turned into a silly, though entertaining movie about family; watching your children grow up and leave the nest. Now, we are set for a remake of the story, which has been done a few times now, and Martin’s role has been recast. The Father of the Bride lead is going to go to Andy Garcia in what will be a departure from the first two versions of the film. 

It was announced about a month ago that Warner Bros. was planning a remake of the classic film which saw one iteration with Steve Martin in the lead role and before that the 1950 version with Spencer Tracy as the star. This time around it will be Andy Garcia in what’s being marketed as a Latinx version of the film. In this one, the movie will follow a Cuban-American family and Garcia’s character will be having issues seeing his daughter get married while also dealing with the larger family unit. 

The Steve Martin version of Father of the Bride was a slap-sticky affair calling on the comedic hi jinx of the actor with his character getting into increasingly ridiculous situations around trying to halt the wedding. There are ill-timed pool dives, roof falls, and arrests before his character finally sees the light of day and decides the groom-to-be is an all-right dude. This next movie isn’t going to follow the same tone, taking a slightly more *serious* approach rather than relying as much on the physical comedy piece.  It will be a remake in name only with the bigger picture parts of the film diverging from the original.

father of the bride

In the 1991 version, Steve Martin had to deal with seeing his daughter marry a man he didn’t like while also navigating his own marital relationship with his wife played by Diane Keaton. In this new movie, directed by Gaz Alazraki, it looks like Andy Garcia will instead be navigating a few different scenarios including the extended family who have come into town for the wedding. Alazraki is a Mexican director but Garcia was originally born in Cuba. The latter will be the family background and this will be almost an entirely Latinx cast. 

As for Steve Martin, he did reprise his George Banks role in Father of the Bride II back in 1995 which saw some unexpected pregnancies from a couple of the characters. But then last year the group got back together, effectively 25 years later, for the short Father of the Bride 3 (Ish). During the pandemic, the original cast of the movie got on a Zoom call, in character and “caught up” about what they’d been doing since the first movie. It was a silly, rather impromptu “get-together” of sorts that had the others like Keaton but also Kieran Culkin, Florence Pugh, and Kimberly Williams-Paisley from the last film. The next Father of the Bride is set to release sometime later this year.