Exclusive: New Stargate Series Being Discussed At Netflix

Stargate could be revived at Netflix in a brand new way.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


The Stargate franchise has been lying dormant for far too long. The last official release was the web series Stargate Origins back in 2018 and the last full television series was Stargate Universe that ended back in 2011. Fans have been hoping for some kind of revival to finally come to light, especially now that there are so many streaming outlets that could house the sci-fi series. Nothing has manifested quite yet, but some new exclusive information that we have received has reignited the real possibility of a return to the world of Stargate.

According to our trusted inside source – the same one that has provided Giant Freakin Robot with multiple confirmed exclusive scoops that have included Bruce Campbell appearing for a cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Chloe Bennet returning as Quake for a new Marvel series – a new Stargate series is being talked about over at Netflix. The real intriguing wrinkle here is that this would actually be an animated series. Exactly what the nature of the story would be is unclear. We aren’t able to confirm whether or not this series would take place in the regular continuity of the franchise or if this animated series would constitute a reboot of the property.

If we were to make an educated guess, we would think a Stargate animated series would be connected to the established world of the franchise. An animated series is unlikely to take off with new mainstream audience members. Instead, it is more likely that fans would be more on board with an animated series. In fact, the franchise has dipped its toes into animation before with the series Stargate Infinity. However, that was aimed squarely at a young audience. The thought behind this proposed Netflix animated series would be that it is intended to satisfy adulty fans of the property.

stargate infinity

Considering how long it has been since Stargate has been in the pop culture mainstream, it might be worth testing the waters with an animated series to see how much interest is still there for casual viewers and new audiences. As unfortunate as it might be that certain storylines from the preceding shows may never get resolved, it is probably best that the franchise finds a way to grab brand new fans. If that means some kind of soft reboot, then so be it. Could an animated series provide that option to the creators behind Stargate?

Whatever does end up happening, it definitely seems like something substantial needs to happen with the property. Stargate has been out of the mainstream pop culture discussion for a very long time. Any kind of revival would be a blessing to fans at this point, especially if it can jumpstart a new era for the franchise. If an animated series on Netflix would be the absolute best way to get that ball rolling, then we hope it can get past the developmental stage and start coming into reality sooner rather than later. We will be keeping our eyes and ears open for any more substantial news about this project.