Star Wars Director Brought In To Save Marvel?

By Charlene Badasie | Published

Gareth Edwards

Marvel Studios is gearing up for a new era of the God of Thunder’s solo adventures, with Thor 5 reportedly in the works.

However, Taika Waititi, the director behind Thor’s previous two outings, Ragnarok and Love and Thunder, won’t be at the helm for the fifth installment.

Instead, Marvel plans to bring Rogue One: A Star Wars Story director Gareth Edwards to lead the project.

Gareth Edwards Coming To Marvel

Gareth Edwards

The Gareth Edwards news comes by way of insider Daniel Richtman, who also revealed that Marvel wants Thor 5 to have a darker theme than its predecessors.

Thor’s last solo outing faced criticism for its execution and tone, with many feeling that it failed to live up to its potential and wasted an opportunity to deliver a truly memorable movie experience.

Gareth Edwards, known for creating gripping atmospheres, could bring a more serious tone to the narrative, deviating from the humor-infused style introduced by Waititi. Edwards has a diverse portfolio that extends beyond the Star Wars universe.

His experience with writing and visual effects positions him as a director with the skill set to deliver a more thematically appropriate Thor film.

Increased Oversight Following The Marvels

Gareth Edwards

With speculations surrounding The Marvels being the last traditional Marvel movie due to its poor performance, the director of Thor 5 will likely operate in a different environment than Waititi.

Increased oversight and fewer creative freedoms could shape the upcoming installment, emphasizing the need for a director like Gareth Edwards, who can navigate the requirements while revitalizing the character.

Thor 5 Without Taika Waititi

taika waititi thor

Marvel Studios has not officially announced Thor 5 or Gareth Edward’s involvement. However, a teaser with the tagline “Thor will return” was included at the end of Love and Thunder.

Despite Waititi’s absence, the director previously shared his vision for the next installment in the book Thor: Love and Thunder: The Official Movie Special.

Waititi pondered Thor’s challenges, emphasizing the need for a storyline that builds on the God of Thunder’s development while maintaining a sense of fun.

“It’s got to be something that feels like it’s carrying on with the evolution of the character, but still in a very fun way,” he said.

Waititi added that Thor still needs things to face off against things, so the character has obstacles to overcome.

Still In Planning Stages

thor: love and thunder marvel hercules chris hemsworth

While the Gareth Edwards-directed Thor 5 is still in the planning stages, there are other projects on the horizon that could feature Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.

Rumors suggest that Marvel Studios is contemplating a new Avengers film that would reunite the original crew, including Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow and Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark.

No Chris Evans, Yet

chris evans

Missing from that list is Chris Evans, who portrayed Steve Rogers/Captain America for nine years.

However, when asked about a potential return to the MCU, the actor said he has no idea if he will reprise the role. “I always see those reports, too, and it’s news to me,” Evans said.

However, he has not ruled out the possibility of a comeback if the story is “just right.”

Moving Forward

chris hemsworth thor Gareth Edwards

For now, the MCU has moved on without Chris Evans, with Anthony Mackie assuming the titular role in Captain America: Brave New World.

While there’s a chance for a cameo by Evans’ Steve Rogers, it’s more likely that Mackie would team up with Thor at some point if Thor 5, with Gareth Edwards at the helm, is given the official green light from Marvel Studios.