Next Star Wars Movie Even More Female Focused, Daisy Ridley Will Be Forced To Replace Herself?

Rumors insist Daisy Ridley's Rey will train two Padawans, and the new female star will take over as the new Star Wars lead.

By Douglas Helm | Updated

daisy ridley star wars

We already knew that the recently announced Daisy Ridley-led Star Wars film would see Rey attempting to rebuild the Jedi Order, and now it looks like she could be looking for her eventual replacement. Screen Rant recently reported on an issue of Production Weekly that details a new synopsis for the film that says Rey would be mentoring a young boy and girl. According to the synopsis, as Rey trains them, it “becomes evident that the girl possesses extraordinary abilities, destined to emerge as the future leader.”

It seems like not only will Rey be training a Jedi to take over the order for her, but Daisy Ridley might be playing a similar role in real life to train her replacement in the ongoing Star Wars saga. This would make sense for Ridley, considering she already spent quite a lot of time filming Star Wars movies, which is no doubt exhausting. If the Star Wars universe is going to move on to new characters, it would be good for the previous generation to pass the torch the same way Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia did in the previous trilogy.

It also seems like it could be a redemption for Daisy Ridley, as the final film of her trilogy was universally reviled by critics and reception. While it was no fault of Ridley’s, it would make sense that she might want to end her Star Wars career on a better note. Of course, it’s also entirely possible that Rey will continue to be a part of future films in more of a mentor capacity as new characters take over.

It also remains to be seen exactly what Disney’s intentions are with Daisy Ridley’s Rey rebuilding the “Jedi Order.” Previous projects in the Star Wars universe went out of their way to point out the faults of the Jedi Order. Obviously, Rey will likely take a different approach, and it’ll be interesting to see what that approach looks like.

If this rumor ends up panning out, it will also be interesting to find out more about this young boy and young girl. Will they try and link the characters back to the previous characters, will they bring in some fan-favorite characters from the non-canon Legends universe, or will they be entirely new characters with no connections to anything? While Disney toyed with the interesting idea of making Daisy Ridley’s Rey have no connection to previous characters, the writers made the less interesting and confusing decision to make her a Palpatine.

Hopefully, Disney has learned from its mistakes, and it makes Daisy Ridley’s padawans new characters that don’t have to carry any of the baggage from previous films. This would allow Disney to truly leave the expansive Skywalker saga behind and finally move on to telling new stories about new characters in the Star Wars film universe. There hasn’t been an official release date announced yet for this film, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated on this and all other future Star Wars projects.