Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Series Just Added A Key Star Wars Character

Star Wars next series Ahsoka has added a new character to the cast joining Rosario Dawson. It helps tie together previous Star Wars stories. This series is shaping up in a big way.

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Star Wars Rebels fans can finally rejoice. It is official that they will be getting a live-action Sabine Wren in the near future. Sabine is an important character in Star Wars canon. A dropout from the Imperial academy, Sabine joined the rebel alliance. She hails from Mandalore and is an expert and enthusiast of explosives. Deadline has reported that Natasha Liu Bordizzo will play the beloved character when she appears alongside Rosario Dawson on the new Star Wars series Ahsoka.

The animated properties for Star Wars have long been popular supplemental material for fans. Clone Wars followed Anakin and Obi-Wan between Star Wars Episode II and Episode III. It solidified their bond as well as introduced additional characters. This was Ahsoka Tano’s first appearance as Anakin’s Padawan learner. She has since appeared in Star Wars Rebels where she encountered Sabine Wren. Rebels takes place during the time of Star Wars: A New Hope. Ahsoka had left the Jedi order and helped Sabine’s crew from time to time. But what makes this new casting so exciting is how Rebels ended.

Star Wars Rebels ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger, implying that the story was not over. In the final episode, Ezra Bridger attempted to liberate his home planet of Lothal against Grand Admiral Thrawn. This ended mysteriously when a flock of Purrgil entangled Thrawn and Ezra in their tentacles and whisked them away to hyperspace. Sabine realized in the last scene that Ezra may not be lost for good. With the help of Ahsoka, she set off to find him. Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka appearance in The Mandalorian raised many questions about the ending of Rebels

Natasha Liu Bordizzo taking the role is an exciting prospect for the character of Sabine Wren. Prior to entering the Star Wars universe in Ahsoka, the actress had roles in Guns Akimbo, The Voyeurs, and Wish Dragons. She’ll join Rosario Dawson and will likely be a key cog in the series.

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka appeared in The Mandalorian in her attempt to free Calodan from a cruel leader. This is where she met Din Djarin and Grogu. Ahsoka admitted that she could not take on Grogu as a student, but suggested someone else might be able to. Fans have wondered what this means for Rebels. The Mandalorian takes place after the Empire has fallen. Has Ezra been found? Where is Sabine in all of this? With this new casting, it looks as though viewers will be getting their answers soon. Sabine will reportedly be joining the show as well as an appearance from Hayden Christensen as Darth Vadar

Ahsoka is not the only property Darth Vadar will be returning to. Christensen will be reuniting with Ewan McGregor in Disney’s Star Wars show Obi-Wan Kenobi. Many fans are split on this appearance in light of concept art that was recently released. This depicts Obi-Wan fighting Darth Vadar which some consider to be in direct conflict of canon established in Star Wars: A New Hope. Regardless of this split, many of the actors are more than happy to welcome Christensen back to the role with open arms. Ewan McGregor has said in interviews that the best thing about Obi-Wan Kenobi is that it united the two old friends. Rosario Dawson even penned a touching remark on social media.

There is scant information regarding how Natasha Liu Bordizzo will appear as Sabine in the Ahsoka series. However, some can only hope this means good news for Ezra and Sabine shippers. Perhaps this means that Star Wars fans will see news about a live-action Ezra soon. No official release date has been confirmed for Ahsoka, but fans are sure to watch it on Disney+ when it premieres. 

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