Exclusive – New Star Trek: Crossover Series To Combine Characters From Discovery, Picard, Section 31, And Pike

It’s actually being called Star Trek: Crossover and they’re describing it as being a lot like the Netflix series The Defenders.

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Star Trek Crossover

CBS now has four major (yes we know there are some other smaller ones too) Star Trek shows currently in varying stages of development. Those are Star Trek: DiscoveryStar Trek: PicardStar Trek: Section 31, and Star Trek: Pike. Now CBS plans to mix all four shows together and they’re calling it Star Trek: Crossover.

We were the first site to break the news that Star Trek: Pike was going into development and that scoop has now been confirmed. The same source that brought us that news now says things are going one step further. Once all four of these shows are airing at the same time, CBS plans to create a crossover series in which characters from all four shows will have to unite to face a common foe.

Our source says it’s actually being called Star Trek: Crossover (though that could be just a working title) and they’re describing it as being a lot like the Netflix series The Defenders. That one-season show combined superhero characters from DaredevilPunisherJessica JonesLuke Cage, and Iron Fist into one superhero team. They’d do the same for Star Trek, using the usual time travel shenanigans writers use to make these sorts of improbable things happen.

Picard and Pike

What our source hasn’t been able to tell us is just which members of each show’s cast will end up in the Star Trek super-group. Probably because even CBS doesn’t know that yet. They won’t know that until Section 31 airs and the scripts for Star Trek: Pike fully solidify. Star Trek: Crossover is more of a broad concept, at the moment.

One of the stranger things about this spin-off idea is that Star Trek: Pike and Section 31 are already spinoffs of Star Trek: Discovery. So by bringing the Pike crew and the Section 31 crew back together with the Discovery crew, it’s almost like you’re UN-spinning them rather spinning them. Semantics I guess, but it’s not like after The Jeffersons got their own show they later went back and formed a new show by reuniting with Archie Bunker. He probably wouldn’t have let them back in his house anyway.

Obviously development on this Star Trek: Crossover idea is in very, very early stages. We’ll need to see what Star Trek: Pike actually looks like, and so will CBS, before they can really move forward very far on making this happen. But in a post-Avengers: Endgame world everyone is eager (perhaps too eager) to connect all their various properties together into some kind of mega-event in the hopes that it’ll be even bigger than the sum of its parts.

Star Trek combined

It’s probably worth noting, if you’re CBS, that even though it worked for The Avengers it didn’t really work for Netflix’s The Defenders. The series was widely panned and the entire Netflix superhero canon was cancelled in totality shortly thereafter. Tread lightly here CBS, you’ve got a good thing going with Star Trek and this could be the thing that breaks it, or propels it to even greater heights. Given that they’ll have to use time travel (one of the most overused plot devices in sci-fi) to make Star Trek: Crossover happen… I’m nervous. Very nervous.

At the same time, another source has delivered this same scoop to WGTC. While we were first to break the Star Trek: Pike story, they actually got theirs up ahead of us by a few hours, so we want to give them some credit. We’re proud to say we can confirm their story is true and we’ve been able to add the new information that the show actually has a title in Star Trek: Crossover.

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