Star Trek’s Best Series Retold By Groundbreaking Comedians

By Jacob VanGundy | Published

star trek: deep space nine feature aunty donna

The Australian comedy group Aunty Donna has released a preview for their latest Patreon video, all about Star Trek. The video centers around Zach Ruane explaining the details of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to his fellow comedians Broden Kelly and Mark Bonnano, who seemingly know nothing about the beloved sci-fi franchise. By diving into the minutia of the series with the non-fans, the preview promises plenty of laughs.

The comedians behind the video are Aunty Donna, a Melbourne-based comedy group with a strong YouTube following. Active since 2011 the group has numerous sketches on YouTube in addition to a successful weekly podcast, live shows, and multiple TV series.

With everything from scripted sketch comedy to filmed party games, the group has a wide variety of content. 

While best known for their online content Aunty Donna has also found success on TV. Their Netflix show, Big Ol’ House of Fun aired in 2020 and included guest roles from Weird Al and Anthony Starr. Their ABC sitcom Aunty Donna’s Coffee Caffee was released in 2023, further solidifying the group as all-star comedians. 

Aunty Donna, a Melbourne-based comedy group explains Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in the most hilarious way

The preview of their Patreon video shows off Aunty Donna’s signature comedy, with Zach forcing his fellow comedians to engage with his passion for Star Trek against their will.

His knowledge of Star Trek Deep Space Nine is on display in the preview as he discusses the crew relationships and details of how sex works for some of the non-human characters. Meanwhile, Broden and Mark added to the video with their astonished questions and clear disinterest. 

The video promotes not just Zach’s explanation of the show to his friends, but a full two-part quiz show on the subject. It’s unclear if the quiz will cover the full Star Trek universe or only Deep Space Nine, but Zach’s level of detail in his lesson reveals it will likely require extensive knowledge either way.

Of course, in typical Aunty Donna fashion, the goal will be comedy over testing the group’s trivia knowledge. 

Aunty Donna’s ability to turn Star Trek trivia into comedy gold is already on display in the preview. By exploring the absurdity of things like the shapeshifting of Odo’s reproductive abilities and gendered makeup disparities the group pokes at the sillier aspects of the series. Mark and Broden’s ignorance of the matter, struggling even to pronounce the names only adds to that silliness. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which aired from 1993 to 1999 is beloved among Star Trek fans for its well-written characters and layered plot lines.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which aired from 1993 to 1999 is beloved among Star Trek fans for its well-written characters and layered plot lines. It’s a genius move on Aunty Donna’s part to focus on it, both because of the series’ popularity inside the fandom and relative obscurity outside of that fandom.

While general facts about the original series and Star Trek: The Next Generation are widely known, Deep Space Nine is obscure enough to perplex non-fans like Mark and Broden.

The full quiz series is available on Aunty Donna’s Patreon page, requiring a monthly subscription of at least $6.90. Of course, that subscription comes with plenty of other content from the creators, including podcast episodes and more bonus videos. For fans of the group, or of seeing non-fans subjected to Star Trek deep lore, it’s the perfect time to try out their subscription.

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