Squid Game Season 2 Is Happening, Our Scoop Confirmed

Squid Game season 2 is officially on its way! The show's creator confirms we will see more stories from the disturbing world he conceived!

By Michileen Martin | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

squid game season 2

When it comes to season 2 of Netflix‘s runaway hit Squid Game, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has given the proverbial “Green Light.” Dong-hyuk said another season is on the way and that he’s currently processing what exactly that will mean in terms of story. We exclusively broke the news that Squid Game season 2 was happening back in September, and now our scoop has the creator’s confirmation.

The confirmation comes courtesy of AP News, who spoke to Dong-hyuk alongside Squid Game lead — Lee Jung-jae, who plays Seong Gi-hun in the survival drama. Dong-hyuk confessed to AP News that he feels he has “no choice” but to move forward with Squid Game season 2 because the possibility has been broached to him with “so much pressure, so much demand and so much love.” He revealed almost nothing in the way of details, but said, “It’s in my head right now. I’m in the planning process currently.” You can watch a video featuring part of the interview below.

The one important detail about Squid Game season 2 Dong-hyuk does share probably isn’t much a surprise. He tells AP News “Gi-hun will be back and he’ll do something for the world” — the video cuts off before he says this, but AP News quotes him in their expanded article. Obviously, we’ll have to wait a bit before we can learn exactly what Gi-Hun plans to do “for the world,” but as the first season ends, he seems intent on bringing the titular enterprise down around its organizers’ ears.

One of the biggest questions that has to be on the minds of anyone considering the possibility of a Squid Game season 2 is — will there be another game? If so, what will it look like? It would seem ridiculous to use the the same contests from season 1, since — with perhaps the sole exception of the final game for which the series is named — so much of the tangible suspense revolves around the mystery of each game’s reveal. Now that we know, for example, exactly what to expect from “Red Light, Green Light,” the game’s giant automaton can’t inspire the same dread.

If there is another game, will Gi-Hun once again be a contestant? It would seem insane for the sole survivor of a competition that began with 456 contestants to willingly throw himself into another similar contest in Squid Game season 2. But who knows? It was insane for him to get involved with it in the first place, and equally nuts for so many of the contestants to return once they knew what was at stake. Perhaps if Gi-Hun were offered the opportunity — upon winning a second time — to dismantle the game forever, he would do it.

Whichever way Dong-hyuk plans to go for Squid Game season 2, he’s likely to have a lot more help this time around. Speaking to Variety in September, the series creator said that while he wrote all of the first season on his own, it was far too stressful and long of a process for him to repeat. He said if another season was to happen, he’d “consider using a writers’ room and would want multiple experienced directors.”