Disney Removes The Best Spider-Man Series With No Explanation

By Charlene Badasie | Published

Disney has abruptly removed The Spectacular Spider-Man from its streaming service, The Direct reports. Fans of the animated exploits of Peter Parker were quick to express their disappointment, especially since the series had already left Netflix. As such, the only way to watch the iconic show is to purchase individual episodes through platforms like Prime Video or other online retailers.

The Spectacular Spider-Man Removed

The sudden removal of The Spectacular Spider-Man isn’t too surprising, given Disney’s past practices. The media giant previously ditched high-profile shows, including original projects like Willow and various behind-the-scenes specials.

However, these removals were typically accompanied by warnings, allowing viewers a grace period to enjoy the content before it vanished from the platform.

A Fan Favorite Series

The series debuted on Disney+ in October 2022 as the streamer bolstered its Spider-Man content library.

This included the first six Spider-Man films, the 1994 animated series Ultimate Spider-Man, and the MTV show The New Animated Series. However, The Spectacular Spider-Man holds a special place in the hearts of fans, who believe it to be the best animated version of the iconic character.

Based on the Marvel Comics character, The Spectacular Spider-Man was developed by Victor Cook and Greg Weisman and produced by Sony Pictures Television.

It originally aired on the Kids’ WB programming block and later on Disney XD from March 2008 to November 2009. The show consists of 26 episodes over two seasons.

Peter Parker’s Early Years

The Spectacular Spider-Man

The Spectacular Spider-Man focuses on the early years of Peter Parker’s superhero career, exploring his struggles with balancing his personal life and responsibilities as the popular wall-crawler.

The series delves into his relationships with key players like Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, and other classic Spider-Man characters.

The series also features several classic Spider-Man villains, such as the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Venom, Sandman, and the Vulture. 

Unique Style And Story

The Spectacular Spider-Man

The Spectacular Spider-Man became known for its unique and dynamic animation style, combining traditional animation with a modern aesthetic. The original comic book art inspires the character designs.

The Spectacular Spider-Man managed to strike a perfect balance between drama, action, and humor. The series features a mix of standalone episodes and overarching story arcs. Each episode contributes to the larger narrative.

Fans mostly appreciated its ability to explore the rich Spider-Man mythology while introducing new elements to keep the story fresh.

Fans Dismayed

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Despite its positive reception, The Spectacular Spider-Man was unexpectedly canceled after its second season due to issues related to the rights of the Spider-Man character.

The cancellation disappointed fans who had hoped for more seasons to explore further storylines. Greg Weisman hoped for the series to extend to a total of 65 episodes spanning five seasons.

Other Spider-Man On The Way

spider-man freshman year

The enduring popularity of The Spectacular Spider-Man is evidenced by its enthusiastic fan base and critical acclaim, making its removal all the more baffling.

As fans await an explanation or, ideally, the return of the series to Disney+, the streaming service still boasts a variety of other Spider-Man and superhero content.

Additionally, the anticipation for Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man: Freshman Year offers a glimmer of hope for those disappointed by The Spectacular Spider-Man being dropped, even though an official release date is yet to be announced.