Good Place Star Cast As She-Hulk’s Villain, Our Scoop Confirmed

Our original scoop has been confirmed and She-Hulk has cast its villain for the series. Jessica Walters will have a formidable opponent

By Doug Norrie | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

jameela jamil she-hulk

She-Hulk is starting to round into shape with its cast and how the new series will approach the story of Jessica Walters. In a story about how Bruce Banner’s Hulk powers are transferred to another person, a lawyer of all people in what could be a courtroom dramedy, we have been waiting to see who she’d be up against in this new program. GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT broke the story three weeks ago here that Jameela Jamil would play the primary antagonist for the show, and now THR and the other other Hollywood trades have confirmed our report. As we told you, Jameela Jamil is indeed set to star as the primary antagonist for the show. She’ll be playing the villain Titania. 

Jameela Jamil starring as Titania is a very cool turn for She-Hulk and how this series will take shape. The character has been a rival of She-Hulk in the comic books and has an origin story that will help rival the titular character in terms of superhuman strength. She will be a formidable foe in this new series which is going to pit the two against each other and introduce some other new characters as well. 

One place the Jameela Jamil will differ as Titania is in terms of the characters’ background. From our original scoop, it looks like the Titania character will have an alter ego that’s a social media influencer, an angle shooter that has a dark side, ultimately coming at odds with Jessica Walters. Whether this is through a legal setting or not remains to be seen, but it stands to reason the characters will face each other as both their everyday personas and their super-powered ones as well. 

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There’s a good chance that this She-Hulk storyline involving Titania will dovetail into Marvel’s Secret Invasion series as well. Many of the Disney+ plot arcs could be building in that direction. And that is where Titiana originally got her powers. In the comics, she begins as Mary MacPherran, but is sucked into the Secret Wars battle and bestowed power by Doctor Doom. It looks like this show will skip that part of the origin, though that is simply a guess. 

Jameela Jamil is best known for starring in The Good Place on NBC for four seasons. The name-dropping Tahani Al-Jamil was a fan favorite and it’s clear the actress has comedic chops, a direction this new show could go as well. With the Jessica Walters character defending superheroes in the court of law, we could get a very different kind of show that is a bit more lighthearted when it comes to how we “see” our heroes. 

This new casting news for She-Hulk helps round out the cast of newcomers along with at least one great Marvel character. Tatiana Maslany’s Jessica Walters receives her Hulky powers from her cousin Bruce Banner. Mark Ruffalo is set to appear as Banner/ Hulk and will have a role in the show for sure. Walters differs from her other green family member in that she can control her powers better. Tim Roth is also on to play Abomination, a super-powered freak in his own right who could offer a major challenge. 

She-Hulk is set to release on Disney+ sometime next year and is shaping up to be a different, though entertaining, new addition to the Marvel Universe.