Sharon Stone Barbie Movie From The ’90s Revealed

By Douglas Helm | Published

sharon stone barbie

Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie’s Barbie was the biggest film of 2023, but apparently Sharon Stone had her own idea for a Barbie film back in the ‘90s. The Basic Instinct star appeared on the Fly on the Wall podcast with Dana Carvey and David Spade to talk about her experience pitching the film to studios. Stone said, “I went to the studio to try and make Barbie in the 1990s with a producer, a friend of mine, and I had the then-CEO of Mattel on my side,” adding, “We got thrown out of the studio.”

Destroying An American Icon?

Basic Instinct

According to Sharon Stone, the studio execs said she was trying to “destroy” an American icon with her Barbie pitch. She also said that she “got a lecture and an escort to the door.” Stone even shared some scenes from the movie, saying the opening scene would see Barbie pulling up to Mattel headquarters in her car and that the secret service would come out of the building to escort her in, with their feet being the size of the car.

Sharon Stone also said that all the big people in Mattel would be “chasing her around and kissing her a** because she’s the queen of Mattel.” She finished by saying that the movie was going to be about the power of being Barbie and what she could do in the world, but the executives she pitched to “didn’t think Barbie should be powerful.” Stone finished by saying those executives aren’t at the company anymore. 

Not All That Different From What We Got

sharon stone barbie

While Sharon Stone’s version of Barbie definitely sounds different, it appears that it did have some elements in common with the 2023 film. Namely, Barbie would end up at Mattel headquarters. Of course, they didn’t have her doll-sized in the 2023 version of the film, which would have certainly given it a different vibe.

Stone Is A Fan Of 2023’s Barbie

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It sounds like Sharon Stone’s Barbie would have definitely been an interesting and unexpected take on the character. Of course, Stone seems like she’s a fan of the 2023 film regardless of her rejected pitch, as she previously replied to America Ferrara’s social media post after her Critics Choice Award win. Stone’s reply mentioned her 90s pitch before adding “How far we’ve come thank you ladies for your courage and endurance.”

Sharon Stone Should Lobby To Appear In Barbie 2

sharon stone barbie

In any case, Sharon Stone would definitely be the perfect addition to the cast if a Barbie 2 is ever made. That would be a neat way to pay homage to Stone’s attempts to bring the character to theaters years earlier. Plus, Stone is always a great addition to any cast.

The Barbie We Got Was A Massive Triumph

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Although Sharon Stone’s Barbie will likely never get made, Great Gerwig’s Oscar-nominated 2023 film was one of the most exciting success stories of the year. The pink-hued feature managed to be fun while also exploring deep themes that connected with just about everyone. Clearly it resonated, because it amassed a whopping $1.4 billion at the box office, was nominated for eight Oscars, and took home one for Best Original Song.

It’s safe to say that if someone like Sharon Stone walks into a studio with a Barbie idea in the future, executives surely won’t make the same mistake as they did in the ‘90s. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see if Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie decide to make a sequel to their highly-acclaimed film. You can stream Barbie on the Max streaming service.