See Austin Butler Replace Chris Evans As The Human Torch

A fan on Instagram posted some fan art that has placed Austin Butler in the role of the Human Torch.

By James Brizuela | Published

austin butler human torch

Now that the Fantastic Four movie is moving forward, there have been plenty of rumors and news surrounding who might be in Marvel’s best superhero team. We reported that Dev Patel is currently in talks to portray Mister Fantastic, but that still leaves three other members. A fan on Instagram decided to take matters into their own hands and create some fan art that places Austin Butler squarely in the role of the Human Torch, which you can see below:

Austin Butler already looks like he could take on the Human Torch role, and the above images are certainly proof of that. posted the two images that show Butler in the iconic Fantastic Four costume, but the second show when Johnny Storm transforms into the flamed-up hero that we all know. Interestingly, this would mean that Butler would then steal the role away from Chris Evans, who fans have been lobbying to return as Human Torch in the MCU.

The current rumors are that Chris Evans could return to the role in Deadpool 3, which would certainly be on par with the humor that is presented in those movies. However, with the MCU multiverse happening currently, we could see Austin Butler as the Human Torch as well. Marvel gave the world a bit of fan casting when it came to John Krasinski appearing as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange 2, and now fans have been clamoring for more fan-favorite actors to appear as their favorite superheroes.

chris evans fantastic four human torch

Avengers: Secret Wars is on the slate for Phase 6 of Marvel’s plans, and if that movie is going to be anything like the comic, then we are about to see many versions of every character. It would be amazing to see both Chris Evans and Austin Butler suited up as the Human Torch together. Whatever happens, we would love to see Butler make his way to the MCU.

Currently, Austin Butler is going to be appearing in the highly anticipated Dune 2 sequel, so it could be a bit of odd timing if he were to come into the MCU as the Human Torch. Still, actors often juggle many projects at once, but we all know how demanding it is to be in a Marvel movie. The Fantastic Four is an important part of Marvel continuity, and the team is certainly not going to just appear in one movie. Reed Richards and the team often go to battle with Doctor Doom, who is rumored to be the next big baddie in line once Kang the Conqueror is dealt with.

The above fan art is done quite well, and we would love to see Austin Butler appear as the Human Torch, simply because he is a fantastic actor. He has wowed everyone with his performance as Elvis Presley, and we are sure he is going to be incredible as Feyd-Rautha in Dune 2. It would make a ton of people happy if Butler was then asked to take on a substantial role within the Marvel universe.

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