See Austin Butler As DC’s Green Arrow

Austin Butler is having himself quite a successful year, after being in Elvis and cast in Dune 2. Now a fan has shown what the actor would look like as Green Arrow.

By James Brizuela | Published

austin butler

Austin Butler is having himself quite a good year. He recently starred in the Elvis biopic, with most critics lauding him for his performance in the film. He followed that up by being cast in a pivotal role in Dune 2. Now, there are rumors that DC is set to bring a live-action Green Arrow to theater screens. Though that is currently just a rumor, fans have already begun to imagine what Butler might look like as one of comics’ best marksmen. A digital artist on Instagram, who goes by, decided to put together a piece that showcases what Butler might look like if he is cast in the role of Green Arrow. You can see the image below:

To be perfectly honest, it is strange that DC has yet to want to bring Green Arrow into a live-action movie. Sure, the CW covered the character for many years, but everyone knows that television and film characters can coexist at the same time. DC is certainly doing that with The Flash TV show and the character appearing in Justice League and Batman vs. Superman. The Flash is also meant to have a solo movie, though we are waiting to see if Ezra Miller will be replaced. However, the above image proves that Austin Butler would look fantastic as Green Arrow. This fan art looks quite convincing.

There have been growing rumors that Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow is meant to show up in the Black Canary movie. The Black Canary movie is a spin-off from Birds of Prey. It seems that DC is attempting to connect their films in a much better way, as Black Canary is rumored to be appearing in the Batgirl film. The end of that film is meant to lead directly into the Black Canary film, which could then bring in Green Arrow. It is time for DC to do something different, and to stray away from the Snyderverse. Austin Butler might be the person to take on the role of the marksman, bringing a different direction to the DCEU.

Should Green Arrow appear in Black Canary, as rumored, then it sounds like DC might be harkening back to showcasing their more underground heroes in a different way. Much like Marvel, there are younger and less popular heroes now being shown in television shows and movies. For example, Ms. Marvel and Ironheart. DC could be doing the same by bringing in Batgirl and Black Canary. We are not saying that Batgirl isn’t known, but she is far less known than Batman. Austin Butler would be a fantastic actor to bring into this expansive film universe if that is what DC is attempting to do.

Black Canary has only been announced, but it has a release window of 2023. We might have to wait until then to see if Green Arrow will show up. Unless DC surprises everyone by bringing in the hero in Black Adam or Shazam! Fury of the Gods. Should that happen, we wouldn’t be upset at seeing Austin Butler in the green suit.