See The Boys Star Antony Starr Cast As New Wolverine For Marvel

Fans have often taken matters into their own hands and placed actors right in Marvel roles, and that is the case with Antony Starr being made to look like Marvel's Wolverine.

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The Boys might be the most popular show on TV right now. Well, most popular on a streaming service, as the series has its home on Amazon Prime Video. Still, the violent and crazy superhero show is massively popular. And Antony Starr might be the most popular character on that show, as he famously portrays the psychopathic Superman clone, Homelander. His performance has led many people to wonder if he would find his way into other comic ventures. Well, a fan decided to imprint the man into Wolverine, and honestly, it looks amazing. You can see this photo below:

Honestly, it is going to be highly difficult to find someone as good as Hugh Jackman was as Wolverine. However, the above fan art of Antony Starr as Wolverine looks amazing. The Instagram user, spdrmnkyxxiii, did a wonderful job by incorporating Starr as the more movie-centric version of Wolverine as well. Though we all want to see the classic X-Men animated cartoon version of the character, this art looks spectacular. If we are being honest, we think Starr would fit in the role perfectly. He has the acting ability to appear as both a tortured soul and psycho all at once. He has proven that time and time again on The Boys.

Antony Starr has been climbing his way through films and television, showing off his superb acting ability. He was fantastic in Banshee and just the same as The Boys. His acting ability is There has been a long search for a new MCU version of Wolverine, with many wondering if there was ever going to be an actor attached to the role. With the above fan art, we would agree that Starr would fit nicely in that role. Granted, he might be busy filming The Boys for the foreseeable future, but fans wouldn’t be that upset if he traded in his cape for some claws. The Boys third season is nearing its end, and it has already been renewed for a fourth. Starr is going to be busy, but he would likely be fine joining the MCU.

The first instance of mutants was sort of confirmed during WandaVision with Wanda Maximoff’s two sons being introduced. Those two are Wiccan and Speed, though they had not been confirmed as mutants yet. They also did appear in Doctor Strange 2, which also did have the inclusion of mutants via a huge came of Professor Xavier as the leader of The Illuminati. Now that mutants have been officially introduced, it is time to bring in the heavy hitters, like Wolverine. Antony Starr would be a great choice. Just saying.

Fans will have to wait until more mutants are announced or make their cameos in further MCU entries. There are plenty of chances coming up including Thor: Love and Thunder, She-Hulk, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, all of which are coming out this year. If not, there are plenty of other chances mutants can come out in the 2023 slate of releases that are planned by the MCU. Call up Antony Starr. He has already been a successful violent and fantastic superhero. He also looks amazing in the fan art. It fits.

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