Secret Invasion Sets Up The Vampires Of Blade?

The base of operations of the Rebel Skrulls in Secret Invasion could be the future home of the vampires of Blade.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

secret invasion-blade

If you’re not familiar with the source material, then I wouldn’t blame you for being confused at the very idea of there being a strong connection between Disney+’s Secret Invasion and the upcoming Blade reboot. But if you know the comics, then you may already be guessing that the Skrulls in the new series may be standing on the future home of the MCU’s Vampire Nation. In Marvel Comics, the infamous vampire Dracula sets up a new vampire nation in Chernobyl, which is eerily similar to the Skrulls in the new TV series staging their rebellion from an unnamed abandoned nuclear plant in the same country.

In the premiere episode, Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) tells Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) that the rebellion is taking advantage of Skrulls’ natural immunity to radiation and points out that there are more abandoned nuclear power plants in Russia than anywhere else on Earth.

We later see the unnamed plant when G’iah (Emilia Clarke) gives a new recruit the tour. We also see a room reserved for Skrulls directly involved in the rebellion, in which the memories of human victims are extracted for those disguised as the Earthlings.

secret invasion blade
The Skrull rebellions’ base of operations in the Secret Invasion premiere

What does this have to do with vampires? Just like the Skrull rebellion, the vampires of Marvel Comics set up shop near an abandoned Nuclear power plant — Chernobyl, the most famous abandoned power planet of them all — but they’re much more open about it.

Over a decade after 2008’s Secret Invasion comic book concluded, Blade joined the Avengers and vampires became a much bigger concern to the heroes. In 2019’s Avengers #16 we learn that Dracula, claiming that he is dying, cons the Russian government into giving him the Chernobyl site to spend his remaining days.

But after the events of the 2020-21 King in Black event, in which Dracula and the vampire citizens aid in the battle against the villain Knull, the man once known as Vlad the Impaler convinces the United Nations to recognize Vampyrsk as a sovereign nation.

secret invasion blade
Dracula campaigning for the sovereignty of Vampyrsk in Avengers #45 (Marvel Comics, 2021), written by Jason Aaron with art by Luca Maresca

However, the United Nations grants Vampyrsk its sovereignty with one big caveat — that Blade act as the vampire nation’s sheriff, an idea Black Panther gives the UN.

Admittedly, beyond what could just be a coincidence of the Skrulls of Secret Invasion making a similar base of operations as that of the vampires Blade now babysits in the comics, there is no obvious connection between Secret Invasion and Blade.

But it would seem strange if there didn’t ultimately prove to be some kind of link between the two, even if it’s just that the vampires of the MCU eventually take up residence in Chernobyl, and that we learn it was the Skrulls of Secret Invasion who give Blade’s prey the idea.