Scott Bakula’s Fan Favorite Sci-Fi Series Is Getting A Sequel

It looks like a fan-favorite Scott Bakula series is finally getting a sequel and an updated story. This is an exciting turn of events.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

It’s been rumored for a bit now, but it sure looks like we are getting a reboot of a Scott Bakula show that is among the most beloved science fiction series to hit the air. That’s right, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Quantum Leap is getting a sequel series that is set to pick up with a similar story to the first time around. While details are still emerging, it sure does look like Bakula is getting back into the role as Dr. Sam Beckett and we are going to continue on with a story that, admittedly, never really ended the first time around. 

Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed that Scott Bakula is jumping back into the Quantum Leap saddle, there’s reason to think it’s going to be the case based simply on the show’s initial description coming from NBC. In their early synopsis for the series, the network describes the story picking up 30 years after the original with a team working to unravel the mystery of why Bakula’s Beckett disappeared in the first place. Again, that could just be a continuation of the series, with the character maybe gone but not forgotten, though it would be odd to include the name as the central problem/ mystery for the new series. 

And this possible reboot/ sequel for Quantum Leap has been kicking around for a few months now. Back in September of last year, while appearing on the Bob Saget podcast Here for You, Bakula had let on that discussions about bringing the show back were heating up with what he said was “significant talk” around reestablishing the character in a continuation of the series. Typically, when the former star lets on something like this, there’s plenty of fire with the smoke. And that’s looking more and more like it will be the case. 

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Now, how Scott Bakula would be involved in a Quantum Leap sequel series could take a number of different shapes. The original series followed his character who had stumbled onto time travel technology that he purposefully but mistakenly uses on himself. What ends up happening became the plot for each weekly episode. The Quantum Leap tech in the show actually hurtles Scott Bakula through time but into other people’s bodies. There he has to help solve some problems for the character. He controls the person’s actions and thought processes, but others aren’t aware he’s someone different. 

This new Quantum Leap series mentions that a team from the future is trying to discern and discover what exactly made Scott Bakula as Beckett disappear in the first place. That could mean a show that looks quite different in form, with a more stable cast may be traveling in and out of time as they search for Beckett. This is where Bakula’s involvement comes into question. 

The original Quantum Leap ran for five seasons and 97 episodes, going off the air in 1993. This timeline for the now-greenlit pilot episode picks up on the same three-decade gap. It will be interesting to see how they take this new series and just how much it is tied to the original.