Quantum Leap Reboot In The Works

Scott Bakula did an interview recently where he revealed big news for a Quantum Leap reboot.

By Kristi Eckert | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

quantum leap reboot

Quantum Leap was a science fiction show about time travel that originally aired on NBC from 1989 through 1993. It was about a scientist who was stuck jumping through time and would literally leap into the bodies of other people to fix errors in the historical timeline with the hope of ultimately returning home. Now, this time-honored fan favorite could be getting a long-awaited reboot. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s star, Scott Bakula revealed in a conversation with Bob Saget on his podcast Here For You that there has been “significant talk” about the possibility of bringing the show back for a Quantum Leap reboot. 

During the podcast, Scott Bakula confessed that there are indeed serious conversations being had about trying to develop a Quantum Leap reboot. He teased that there has been a great deal of interest in bringing the series back and that in the past he has talked to series creator Donald P. Bellisario a number of times. He said that Bellisario has repeatedly expressed his enthusiasm for potentially making a Quantum Leap reboot. However, Deadline pointed out that Scott Bakula was also very forthcoming about all of the red tape surrounding the rights to the show and that he wasn’t even sure who would pick the show up or even if all of the bureaucracy regarding distributions and licensing issues had been sorted out. He referred to it as “a mess”. Fans can view the full podcast below.

It seems like if a Quantum Leap reboot is in the works that it could be quite a while before any real production work begins. It also still remains to be seen if Scott Bakula and co-star Dean Stockwell will get to reprise their roles in the hypothetical reboot. However, if the show does get a reboot it would fit right in with the wide array of successful science fiction shows currently on multiple platforms. For instance, Paramount+ has seen a great deal of success from its entire Star Trek lineup and is now rumored to be expanding it even further by possibly developing a Star Trek: Voyager spinoff.

There has been speculation in the past that a Quantum Leap reboot could happen or even that it could possibly resurface as a movie, but neither a new television show nor a movie has ever come to fruition. Also, It has been quite a while since fans have been privy to anything concrete regarding whether or not a Quantum Leap reboot is in the works. In fact, referencing IMDb, the only thing that fans have gotten was a documentary titled A Kiss With History: Remembering Quantum Leap that paid homage to the now three-decade-old show back in 2004. Thus, a Quantum Leap reboot is certainly long overdue. However, it is encouraging to know that conversations are actually happening which indicated at least some forward momentum. 

A possible Quantum Leap reboot would certainly excite many fans, and given the power of modern special effects bringing the show back now could certainly prove to be a great benefit. However, for now, time is the only thing that will reveal whether or not the possibility of a reboot turns into a definitive reality.