World War Z Banner Finally Ruins London’s Day

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

World War Z London BannerHey, remember the other day when Paramount Pictures unveiled those World War Z banners that each depicted a major international city being overrun by swarms of the undead and generally being beat to shit? Remember how I remarked that, in a year where multiple films have taken it upon themselves to wreck up the capital of England, London wasn’t one of the cities in flames? Yeah, that didn’t last a particularly long time.

Because I’m so powerful and my words carry so, so much weight, Paramount heard my cries and whipped up yet another chaotic World War Z banner. And this time London most definitely did not survive the destructive onslaught of the fast-moving zombies. At least I assume that the studio behind the publicly troubled Brad Pitt vehicle released this poster because of me. What other reason could there possibly be?

Despite multiple well-publicized rewrites, and an extensive schedule of reshoots, World War Z, based on Max Brooks’ best-selling novel, is due to infest theaters June 21. The saga of United Nations worker Gerry Lane (Pitt) gallivanting all across the globe, attempting to track down the source of this latest zombie plague and put a stop to it, has, thus far, garnered largely positive reviews from those lucky few who have seen it. (And if you can’t trust the horror tastes of Kevin Bacon and Deborah Norville, who can you trust?). The rest of us mere mortals still have a while to wait before we can see it, but if nothing else, it should be interesting.

World War Z Poster