Weird Creature Features Almost Human And Dead Shadows Get Release Dates

By Nick Venable | Updated

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Grotesque indie sci-fi horror is going to give audiences a one-two punch in the next couple of months, now that confirmed release dates have been set for Joe Begos’ 1980s throwback Almost Human and David Cholewa’s French Lovecraftian creature feature Dead Shadows. You might want to write these titles down for memory’s sake, as the former shares its name with a Fox series, and the latter seems to have been given a plain name specifically to avoid drawing attention to itself.

Since we haven’t brought it up before on the website, here is a trailer for Dead Shadows, which hits Blu-ray and DVD on April 22. You might want to make sure no one else is around, as it’s a red-band clip that has some awkward and unflattering nudity sprinkled throughout.

The story here follows Chris, whose parents were killed as a comet passed over the Earth 11 years before the film takes place. A new comet is coming, and while everyone in Chris’ building takes it as a reason to celebrate and party it up, things take a violent turn once everyone starts mutating into horrific creatures. Chris needs to escape from his building, but I’m not sure why he thinks things will be better outside. Enter the military, and you’ve got yourself a relatively high quality, practical effects-filled B-movie for the midnight hour. Don’t blame us if it ruins your enjoyment of comet gazing in the future.

Next up, is Almost Human, Begos’ debut film, made for around $50,000. It centers on a pair of friends, Mark and Seth, whose relationship is broken apart when Mark mysteriously disappears for two years following the appearance of a bright blue light. When he returns, he leaves behind a series of vicious murders that for some reason make Seth think that his friend may have been changed in some way. No shit, right? We’ll be able to find this one a little earlier than Dead Shadows, as it will come out with a limited theatrical release on February 21, the same day it hits VOD. You can binge on a bunch of Valentine’s Day chocolates and then throw them all back up as you’re watching. Check out that film’s trailer below, followed by a specialty poster created for the release.

almost human film

Assuming there is interest in either of these, which one are you guys looking forward to more?