Watch This Trailer For Back To The Future Documentary Back In Time

By Brent McKnight | Published

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It’s been 30 years, and Back to the Future continues to have a lasting cultural impact. There’s a new documentary that explores the phenomenon of caused by Michael J. Fox driving a DeLorean through time, and you can help them finish. Take a look at the Kickstarter video for Back in Time to see what the movie is all about and see how you can help their mission.

From what little we see here, Back in Time looks like a damn good time to us. It features interviews with key players in Back to the Future, including Robert Zemeckis, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Bob Gale, and Alan Silvestri. There’s also face time notable super fans like Community creator Dan Harmon and Adam Goldberg, who gave the world The Goldbergs, and many more fanatics across the globe.

They also spend a fair amount of time exploring the impact of Back to the Future from a fan perspective. You get to see conventions and fan gatherings, like those epic, intricately detailed screenings that featured detailed replicas of Hill Valley, the fictional town from the film. And if that’s not enough to pique your interest, it also even checks in with efforts to do things like bring hover board technology to the masses (we still have our fingers crossed).

Back in Time is set to premiere in Hollywood on October 21 of this year as a part of the “We’re Going Back” fan festival that is being staged in conjunction with the 30th anniversary. From there, it will hit the home video market both digitally and on physical media like Blu-ray and DVD on, or at least near, October 22.

Though the majority of the film is in the can, this new Kickstarter aims to enhance the work they’re currently doing in post-production, as well as expand the reach and scope of the film. They want to expand the distribution as well as enter it into various film festivals around the country, thus allowing more people to see it on the big screen. New backers can get their hands on perks like digital copies to shirts to posters to other autographed memorabilia, as well as even more goodies like dinner with the producers.

You can check out all of this and more at their Kickstarter page or at

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