Watch Christopher Nolan Talk About The Breakthroughs And Challenges Of Interstellar

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Christopher Nolan’s epic space adventure Interstellar opens in a limited number of film-friendly theaters today, and expands everywhere on Friday. With all of the hype and build up surrounding the film, everyone is starting to get excited, and the stars and key players are talking it up every chance they get. That includes this 30-minute roundtable discussion with Nolan and stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Chastain.

Some of the stories in this video may be familiar to you if you’ve been reading our Interstellar coverage over the last few weeks, as the information herein has been parceled out into various stories, each with its own specific angle. Still, the words carry so much more weight when you actually hear them for yourself and see the speaker’s countenance and delivery. This is, after all, a conversation, and is intended to be consumed as such, and it’s nice to have it all collected into one place.

There are all kinds of topics covered here, like the already oft-discussed story of Hathaway almost getting hypothermia during filming. It involves sitting in cold water for extended periods of time in a leaky space suit.

McConaughey’s first encounter with Nolan was also a memorable experience, though the Academy Award winning actor says he walked away not knowing anything more about the actual movie than he did at the beginning. He says:

I came away knowing nothing else about the film. We talked about who we are as 43-year-old men, talked about who we are as [fathers], talked about our kids. We talked about some other films and work and just got really a sense of each other. And so when I walked out, I had a little bit of, ‘OK, what was that?’ I think he wanted to see who I was.


If nothing else, this is a nice introduction to Nolan and the key members of the cast, and in addition to some fun stories from set, you get some insight into the process of bringing Interstellar to life. You’ll hear Nolan talk about the esoteric nature of the film, and expound on the idea that not every single element needs to be explicitly explained and understood in order for a work to be successful. Beyond that, you dig into the science of the story, talk about influences, cinematic and otherwise, and, perhaps most importantly, learn just how much corn they actually grew for those scenes with expansive, sprawling fields. It’s a lot.

It’s been a long time coming, but Interstellar is finally here, and you should go see it on the biggest screen you can possibly find.