Watch One Final 12 Monkeys Clip Before The Premiere On Syfy Tonight

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

So here we are, Syfy’s 12 Monkeys is set to debut on the network later tonight. If you’ve been tuning in here over the past week or so, you’ve seen the first portion of the pilot, broken up into bite-sized nuggets. And now that the premiere is finally upon us, they’re back with one final short clip.

When we last left off on our serialized adventure, James Cole (Aaron Standford) was telling the story of how a vicious plague showed up and wrecked up the joint for the entire human race. Or at least most of it, as 7 billion people fell to the Kalavirus. There are some survivors, however, but things have not been kind to them, and as the disease mutates and evolves, there is roughly one generation left, then humanity is kaput. This is the perfect time for a last minute desperation hail Mary, and when scientists in the future discover the pieces of an experimental time travel device, that’s exactly what they see: a possible reset switch, a way to beat the plague and save the future.

This leads to the big question for Dr. Cassandra Railly (Amanda Schull): why did Cole come to find her? He reveals that it is a message from her that kicked off his journey. She essentially reached into the future to give him his task, specifically mentioning him by name, creating a kind of cyclical time loop. According to the garbled recording, someone named Leland Frost is the architect of the plague, but she still doesn’t know who or where he is. That’s where this leaves us, and all of the clips build to this moment where we discover the first real step in their mission, they have to find and stop Leland Frost.

As a build up to the premiere, Syfy also released this tense new promo that lays out the basics of the plot, elaborates a little more, hints at an even broader conspiracy, and shows off some additional footage.

I’m still on the fence about this. What we’ve seen looks okay, but I want to check it all out in one chunk and see how it unfolds. Thus far, the pilot has received solid reviews, and while most of us here haven’t seen it, our very own Nick reviewed it over at our big sister site Cinema Blend and calls it “an encouraging step forward in Syfy’s original programming.” And given the ever-increasing slate of programs they’re developing, that’s just what we want to hear.

If you haven’t watched them yet, here are the previous clips from the pilot of 12 Monkeys, or you can just wait until 9:00pm tonight to check out the whole damn thing.