Watch Adorable Children Discuss Interstellar And Princess Leia’s Slave Costume

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

I don’t have kids and never plan to, but there’s a strong contingent around the GFR offices who are raising another generation of little nerds, indoctrinating their impressionable young brains with images of robots, aliens, time travel, and all manner of wonderful geeky things. And it makes sense kids would take to sci-fi, again, it’s full of all kinds of weird, magical stuff like mysterious creatures, faraway lands, and robots (we really like robots). The free, open landscape of the genre mirrors the wild creativity of children, and they have some definite thoughts on what they see, like this young girl who reviews Interstellar, and another who is a big fan of Princess Leia’s Return of the Jedi slave outfit, though for different reasons than many of you.

This girl may be six years old, but has a solid grasp on what Christopher Nolan’s space epic was all about—better than I would have at six, that’s for damn sure—even if she isn’t a huge fan because of the sad parts (Matthew McConaughey’s Farmer Guy leaving his daughter) and the scary parts (the big waves on the water planet). Though if you were confused by what the hell was happening as McConaughey floated around in the libary after travelling through the black hole, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

This second video is an animated conversation between father Adam Buxton and his five-year-old daughter about why she likes the skimpy slave outfit that Jabba the Hutt makes Princess Leia wear on his floating barge in Jedi. We know it’s supposed to be demeaning (dad actually asks her if she knows what that means) and degrading and turn her into an object, but that’s not this one little girl’s take. She says:

Well I know Jabba the Hutt is a baddie… But he actually chose for Leia to dress up as a slave, he actually chose a really nice dress. Cuz I like the way he put the sort of tiara, the bands, these, this, that. Her hair plated. It’s actually a pretty good look for her.

This is a cool video to see, not only because it’s a father and daughter talking Star Wars, but because it’s a parent taking the time to actually talk to his child about a complicated, sensitive issue. He’s not talking down to her, he just very simply, clearly explains that many people don’t think this is a pretty outfit, and lays out why some people find it upsetting, trying to show her another perspective. It’s a very earnest moment (though if you read the comments on the video, it definitely pissed off a fair amount of people), and it’s nice to see parents actually talking to their children about things rather than ignoring them or pushing them aside.