The Walking Dead Promotes Four Cast Members To Series Regulars

By Nick Venable | Updated

TyreeseOh man, I can’t wait for The Walking Dead‘s third season finale, to see what will certainly be one of the most explosive and deadly episodes of televisi…wait, what? You say it already played? And that it was nowhere near the game-changing episode it was supposed to be?

Well, that’s no big surprise. But perhaps a few casting affirmations could make next season…filled with more cast regulars? That’s really the only conclusion I feel comfortable making at this point.

We already knew that David Morrissey was coming back as the Governor, who only recently decided to become the monster he lived and breathed as in the comics, and what’s more, Morrissey has been upgraded to series regular. He’s not alone, though.

Chad L. Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Emily Kinney are all regulars now as well. While I can’t spend two paragraphs talking about the effect that Kinney will have on the fourth season as Herschel’s daughter Beth — though perhaps we’ll see a wacky storyline where she and her dad have to take part in a three-legged sack race at a memorial picnic — but Tyreese becoming a bigger, more badass part of this growing story has been a saliva-accumulating prospect for comics fan as soon as AMC picked the show up.

When Tyreese and Rick become the dysfunctional non-wisecracking tag team that everyone wants them to be, then my faith in The Walking Dead can finally be renewed. This looks to be happening every eight episodes or so.

In the end, I have very little to say about Sasha’s character. It’s Tyreese or bust.