Guess Who’s Returning For The Walking Dead’s Fourth Season

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

If you haven’t watched “Welcome to the Tombs,” the season three finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, there are some serious SPOILERS lurking just below the non-spoilery image below.


Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes

This will come as no surprise for those of you who tuned in to The Walking Dead last night. AMC has announced that David Morrissey, who played the villainous Governor in the zombie drama this season, will reprise his role in season four.

Though the British actor originally signed on for the single season, THR reports that he’ll be back when the show returns this fall. That makes sense, since he doesn’t die, he just kind of runs off with two of his cronies after machine-gunning the majority of the Woodbury residents. So he’s out there, pissed off, heavily armed, and with a vendetta.

In many ways, the decision to stretch this storyline out into multiple seasons pisses me off—it’s akin to character of Shane (Jon Bernthal) living much, much longer in the series than in Robert Kirkman’s comic books—but there is a bright spot. One issue I’ve had with season three is that the Governor never fully became the vicious, sadistic villain that he is in the source material. Until the season finale, that is, which includes him torturing the shit out of someone, locking another person in a room with a body that’s about to reanimate, and the aforementioned mass murder of his own people.

I have mixed feelings on the issue, but if handled right—and I hope that new showrunner Scott M. Gimple can keep the show on track—this move could turn out to be a positive for The Walking Dead.

What do you think? Are you stoked to see more of the Governor wreak havoc on Rick and the rest of the survivors?

David Morrissey as the Governor