Transformers 4 And 5 Coming, Shia LaBeouf Replaced By Jason Statham?

By Saralyn Smith | Updated

BumblebeeIn another ridiculous, confounding, and, yet, completely unsurprising case of “money talks”, Michael Bay’s big screen, explosion laden Transformers franchise could be continuing with more films.  You read that right. Films.  Transformers: Dark of the Moon may only have a 35% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but the its $1,119,241,043 gross takings apparently have Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, and Hasbro talking about continuing the film franchise.  

While it first seemed that it was only one more movie in the works, Variety is now reporting the powers that be are considering shooting two more Transformer films shot back-to-back.

It probably comes as no surprise that (according to unnamed “sources”) Michael Bay might be back on board to both executive produce and direct the new flicks.  Sources also say that Shia LaBeouf will not be joining Bay for the cash cows that will be Transformers 4 and 5.  LaBeouf has been saying that he wouldn’t return for a fourth film since before Dark of the Moon was released, but it’s interesting that he’s sticking to his guns with so much money on the line.  As for his replacement, those nebulous “sources close to the production” say the studio has been toying with the idea of Jason Statham, but no offer or official word has come down on that.

Statham seems both completely perfect and horribly wrong for the Transformer franchise, in that he kind of embodies absurd, overly “serious” violence and mayhem in my mind.  Even if he does sign on and the entire thing falls apart, is there really anything that could derail the Transformers money train at this point?  Is there enough juice left in the franchise to fuel two more films? What on earth could they call them that would trump Dark of the Moon? Would you go see them?