Transformers 3 Will Throw Everything At You In 3D

By Joshua Tyler | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

It’s no secret that a lot of people were pretty disappointed by Transformers 2 and I’ve talked before on this site about my waning hope that Bay might actually have learned something and decided to focus more on story this time. But why work on the story when you can shoot in 3D?

Yeah Transformers 3 is hopping on board the 3D craze, I mean, of course. Anything to get out of writing a decent script for this movie. Even if people were burned by the last one, adding “3D” on to the end of any blockbuster’s title is, right now at least, a license to print money. If it’s in 3D, it doesn’t have to be good, people will see it. And boy oh boy, is Transformers 3 ever going to be in 3D.

Transformers 3 producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura talked to one of my roving reporters and revealed that they’re going whole-hog with 3D technology. We’re not just talking action scenes which might actually be fun in the format, but a lot of scenes which no one will care if they’re in 3D too. Here’s what Lorenzo had to say:

We’re shooting it with the [Pace] cameras. Not 100%, but we’re doing a lot. And it’s the future. Michael [Bay] learned how to do it in about a day. Really it was unbelievable. It’s a cool feeling–we’re sitting on the set and we’re watching a monitor with 3D glasses on. It feels very 21st century.

We’re finding when we’re shooting dialogue scenes in 3d, it’s really interesting, it create a dimension to it. It’s kind of interesting. We’re actually spending more time shooting non-action elements in 3D than we thought we were ever going to do.

In the past, Michael Bay was one of many directors who took a hard line stance against 3D. Back in 2009 he called himself “old school” and declared the technology to be a “gimmick”. Now though, his producer says: “We did a lot of tests. And he really liked it after he did it. I’m not sure he’ll do every movie in 3D, but he liked it.”

I guess we should at least be thankful, as beaten down Transformers fans, that they’re shooting it in 3D instead of doing one of those horrible, after-the-fact conversions which have ruined movies like Clash of the Titans. Maybe the story will still suck, but this thing could actually look good. Might as well start calling it Transformers 3D right now.