Star Wars Pulp-Style Cover Art Puts A Retro Spin On Lucas’ Original Trilogy

By David Wharton | Published

PurloinedIt’s no secret that George Lucas’ Star Wars films were heavily influenced by classic sci-fi serials such as Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. In what you could call the Geek Circle of Life, Lucas’ work has gone on to inspire later generations of creative minds, who both generate new content commenting specifically on Star Wars, or spin off their own new things using their love of Star Wars as a springboard. Artist Timothy Anderson has taken his love of Star Wars not forwards, but backwards, re-imagining the original trilogy’s films with pulp-style “book” art that gives them appropriately retro names, plays up the sex appeal, and tops it all off with some tough-guy cover blurbs that would be right at home in the worlds of Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett.


I love the little details, like how the cover slogans for The Purloined Plans (A New Hope) and The Princess and the Scoundrel (The Empire Strikes Back) play off actual moments and dialogue from the films. My favorite of all three is from the latter: “She loved him and he knew it. But would it be enough?” Another cool touch I didn’t notice until I was sizing the art: the list price for each book corresponds to the movie’s year of release. I also love that The Princess and the Scoundrel was apparently published by “Hoth Off the Press Books.”

Here’s hoping this guy eventually gives the prequels the same treatment. I can practically guarantee they’ll be more entertaining than the movies themselves.