Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut Wants Your Help To Recreate The Classic Sequel

By David Wharton | Published

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It’s safe to say that, love ‘em or hate ‘em, George LucasStar Wars films have had a colossal impact on pop culture over the past few decades. Whether it’s old fogeys like myself who grew up with the originals, or the younger generation who got hooked on The Clone Wars, Star Wars is a topic that inspires passion, devotion, and creativity amongst its fans. That last one is the most important, because it’s the quality that gives birth to things like Casey Pugh’s Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut, which you can see the trailer for up above.

If you couldn’t work it out from the video, the idea here is to have fans from all over the world to remake, scene-for-scene, the second Star Wars film, using any approach, style, or tone they want. Pugh already did this number on the first Star Wars film, and you can watch that in full below. If they carry on through Jedi and then move on to the prequels, I have a feeling the fan-made versions will easily be way more entertaining than the real ones.

Empire Uncut is still in the works. That means all we’ve got to enjoy now is the trailer above, but that also means there’s still time for you to participate and ensure your place in history. Or at least Star Wars fandom. Seriously, that kid’s “That’s not true! That’s impossible!” could definitely give Mark Hamill a run for his money.

You can find out more at the official Star Wars Uncut website.

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