Vulcan Ale Is The Logical Beverage For Any Occasion

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Vulcan AleDid you guys notice that Star Trek Into Darkness hit theaters last week? Have we been covering it here at all? You’d think I’d remember, but my memory has been kind of blinky recently. The blame can probably be put on all this beer I’ve been drinking. All this dull, generic, non-sci-fi beer.

Luckily, Canadian beer distributors Delancey Direct are working with Montreal’s Harvest Moon Brewing Company here to solve all of our officially licensed beer problems. They’re teaming up with CBS Studios to bring a variety of Star Trek brews to fans and imbibers alike. First up will be the “mind-melding good” Vulcan Ale, a 5.4 percent ABV Irish Red ale, much like what Smithwick’s or Killean’s is known for. In fact, it was the centennial celebration of province town Vulcan, Alberta that inspired the companies to create the boozy tie-in. Incidentally, Vulcan is slowly becoming the Trek-themed town that you should already be visiting.

This isn’t just a one-off deal either. Each year will equal a “season,” while the different beers released are referred to as “episodes.” As such, Vulcan Ale is the first product in what should be a three- to five-episode season. They’re planning on unloading a Klingon beer in four or five months, followed by a third beer that hasn’t been announced yet. And before you start wondering: Romulan Ale is already planned to be a second season release.

“We also hope to release a series of limited beers throughout the seasons as well,” said the project manager Richard Weger. “It will all fall under the ‘Federation of Beers’ banner.”

I guess now is where I’ll break the news that the beers are only sold in Canada for now, but Wagner says, “Rest assured we have not forgotten our American friends.” An American roll-out is tentatively scheduled for next year.

In case you were wondering why an Irish ale was chosen to represent the vastly un-Irish Vulcans, Berger explains, “In Star Trek mythology, the planet Vulcan is a red planet. Thus, an Irish Red would be the logical choice.” Of course. Whatever you do, don’t forget to keep it in a koozie and prosper.