Seattle Star Wars Art Show Riffs On Lucas’ Iconic Franchise

By David Wharton | Updated

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The internet is full of really well done Star Wars fan art, so it stands to reason that there is bound to be somebody out there organizing a more professional event for art inspired by George Lucas’ venerable space franchise. If you live in the Seattle area, you can find one for yourself thanks to “Who Shot First?” a Star Wars-themed art show that opens tonight, December 13th, at the Ltd. Art Gallery.


The Ltd. Art Gallery has a history of shows inspired by pop culture, and a quick perusal of their webpage finds arty interpretations of Batman, Hellboy, The Walking Dead, and Doctor Who. They have much of the artwork available for purchase, although the price tag isn’t always cheap. Then again, who can put a price on the bragging rights offered by hanging a “Cloud City Aerial Tours” print on your wall?

“Who Shot First?” kicks off tonight with a reception from 6 pm to 10pm. No worries if you’re a local and already have plans tonight: the show will be on display until Sunday, January 27, 2013. You can check out images by some of the participating artists below.

“Stormtrooper” by Christian Waggoner
“Astromech Droid” by Steve Thomas
"Moon" by Jason Christman
“Moon” by Jason Christman


"Herder" by Mark McHaley
“Nerf Herder” by Mark McHaley
"Rage" by Brian Rood
“Rage” by Brian Rood


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