Sci-Fi Geeks Are Now Gay On Australian TV

By Josh Tyler | Updated

Here’s a development which should delight (sarcasm may be indicated) every geek who’s ever been beat up and called a “fag” for wearing a Star Trek t-shirt: Australia’s about to premiere a new show about gay science fiction fans.

It’s actually a comedy series called Outland and they’re bringing it to Australia’s version of ABC on February 8 at 9:30. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call this the gay Big Bang Theory, though from the trailer it seems this Big Bang has found a way to make jokes about not one, but two stereotypes. Groundbreaking stuff.

To me Outland feels like someone is just taking the whole “sci-fi nerds can’t get laid” cliche a step further. Now it’s not that they can’t get laid, it’s that they’re all gay. There’s something vaguely homophobic about it. Or maybe nerdaphobic? Or maybe I’m just being too sensitive. Probably it’s more that I’m just sick of TV shows based on lame stereotypes.

The show, despite the somewhat shifty nature of the premise actually looks pretty decent. Check out the trailer below and don’t be surprised if some Americanized version of it shows up in the United States some day. America’s TV networks have a way of stealing and repurposing other country’s programming. Being Human anyone?

Here’s the Outland trailer…