Rachel Nichols Is Optimistic About The Future Of Continuum, Here’s Why

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

ContinuumWe’re losing another strong science fiction show before too long, as Continuum is going the way of the buffalo. The embattled series, which is produced by Canada’s Showcase but airs in the U.S. on Syfy, was recently picked up for a fourth season, though it will be shorter than the previous three, and it has already been announced as the last one. But, because we live in a magical time with new platforms popping up all the time, and everyone scrambling for content, nothing is ever quite as dead as it used to be, and according to one of the show’s stars, this might not be the end.

Instead of 13 episodes, like the last two seasons, season 4 will only have six, and will give the series a chance to tie things up. But hopefully they don’t wrap things up too neatly, as series star Rachel Nichols is “optimistic” about the future of the show. Season 3 premieres on Syfy U.K. this month, and talking to Digital Spy, the possibility of the run extending past season 4 came up. She said:

I’d like to see the fourth season be such an incredible success that maybe we can get a little bit more out of it. Maybe there are some legs to it somewhere else and I think that the fans would be in support of that.

I know that we’re gonna do everything possible to make season four even more electric and thought-provoking than prior seasons, so of course I’d like to be optimistic and think that perhaps this isn’t the end.

Of course, this isn’t entirely outside the realm of possibility these days. If there’s fan demand for it, Continuum could wind up getting picked up elsewhere. We’ve seen The Killing come back from the dead multiple times, and new episodes of Community hit Yahoo later this year. Hell, it took seven years, but Arrested Development eventually got a fourth season.

ContinuumWhile this is possible, it doesn’t seem overly likely. Continuum is popular enough among sci-fi fans, but it’s not exactly a blockbuster, and it doesn’t necessarily have the fervent cult following of some other shows. And one of the reasons that the show was cancelled in the first place is because of rising production costs, which seems likely to turn away potential saviors.

It would be awesome if Syfy would take over the production duties. They have so many projects in development that it seems like that could work, and then they’d have a proven commodity on their hands. But they’ve had ample opportunity to step in before now and haven’t, so you have to assume that isn’t going to happen either.

If nothing else, at least we get a final season of Continuum. It sucks to lose another good sci-fi show, but at least they’ll have the opportunity to close out their run instead of leaving fans hanging like so many others before.