New Pics From This Week’s Doctor Who Feature Cowboys And Ben Browder

By Brian Williams | Updated

So this season we’ve already had the prerequisite Dalek episode, we’ve had a weird mash up of “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” (which felt awesomely like old school Who) and next up we have another weird yet awesome mash up of cowboys and cyborgs in an episode titled “A Town Called Mercy”. It feels like Christmas for any Whovian who misses the weirdness of the old series. Now, the BBC has just released some pics to whet your appetite for this week’s Who, and it looks like the Doctor finally found a reason to put that Stetson back on.

According to Blastr, this episode is penned by the Being Human creator Toby Whithouse and will also feature Ben Browder in his first Doctor Who appearance. It may just be your average bit of sci-fi stunt casting, but you could pretty much characterize Browder’s John Crichton on Farscape as a space cowboy so it does fit to have him play as Issac, a cowboy whose town is being menaced by a cyborg when the Doctor comes in and takes over as sheriff. Hopefully this means we’ll see Browder pull off his patented yelling while shooting at things shtick.

The pics that the BBC released feature shots of Rory, Amy, and the Doctor doing their best steely-eyed gunslinger expressions along with Browder and a couple of others from the episode. Don’t expect any spoilers though as these are mostly promo photos, but they make you wonder a bit about what kind of  Old West town this is if they’ve taken to getting facial tattoos (fingers crossed that this doesn’t become the Doctor’s newest affectation). I guess once you let the cyborgs in, the whole place just goes downhill from there.