Own Your Very Own Officially Licensed, Era-Specific TARDIS

By Brent McKnight | Updated

Doctor Who has been on the air for a long damn time. Five decades is a far, far better run than most shows will ever get, and the BBC’s sci-fi adventure shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Change is a constant on the program; it wouldn’t have lasted this long without being able to shift and adapt. A rotating cast of supporting characters in the form of companions, as well as a protagonist who can be reborn when the need arises—they’re now on the 11th Doctor—play huge roles in the show’s chameleonic ability to adjust.

Now you can own your very own TARDIS, just like the Doctor.

One thing that has remained constant, however, is the Doctor’s preferred mode of transportation, the TARDIS. Sure, the vehicle has shown up in various different incarnations over the years, but it has always been there, stalwart, trustworthy, bigger on the inside. Like with the Time Lords themselves, every fan is sure to have their own preferred TARDIS, and now you can own your favorite version for a small fee of 3995 British Pounds, of course. That seems like a reasonable price, doesn’t it?

Modern fans can acquire a replica of the Matt Smith TARDIS, but there are many others to chose from: seven different models, to be exact. There is the Eccleston/Tennant option from the 2000s, the McCoy/McGann from the 1990s, an ’80s Davison/Baker, a ’70s Pertwee/Baker model, the 1960s Harnell/Troughton throwback, as well as a rendering of the Cushing movie era. Basically, there’s a little something for everyone, regardless of your favorite era of Doctor Who.

So, if you have the money, the space, and the willingness to flaunt your proclivities to your entire neighborhood, then this is something you might want to look into.