Lost Time Trailer Sticks Genre Vets In The Middle Of An Alien Abduction Mystery

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

I have no expectations for alien abduction thrillers these days, especially from indie studios. The plot is almost always the same, and the events playing out in a suitably predictable fashion. But I’ve got reasonably high hopes for Christian Sesma’s soon-to-be-released thriller Lost Time, though perhaps it’s because it looks like a solid episode of The X-Files. (Which is already far more exciting than I Want to Believe.)

The film recently released a trailer, seen above, and it culls together some genre heavies to tackle this mystery with otherworldly consequences. Rochelle Vallese, who co-wrote the film with Sesma and Kenneth Owens, stars as Valerie Dreyfuss, who receives terrible news from a doctor’s visit before watching her sister Melissa (Jenni Blong) get taken away by an alien craft. Sounds like as shitty a day as I’ve ever experienced. Except she doesn’t even remember what happened, so she probably just thinks her sister was taken by human beings.

Little does she know, at least until later in the trailer, that a mysterious man named Dr. Xavier Reed, played by the instantly recognizable Robert Davi, is the man behind her memory lapse. She’s a part of his experiments with “lost timers,” and he appears to have some ties with the alien beings. Maybe it’s just me, but simply looking at him already clues you in to his nefarious nature.

lost time
“Compliment my hat or I’ll cut you with it.”
Dr. Reed tells Valerie that all of her questions can be answered by what’s inside of her. And then, in a somewhat spoiler-heavy fashion, we see Valerie and Melissa reconnecting, although their reunion is interrupted by a big alien with long fingers. Plus, Valerie is complete bald and looks a lot more stressed out than she was when Dr. Reed first arrived on the scene.

lost timeAnd then there’s Luke Goss’ Carter, who is seemingly trying to save Valerie from anything dangerous, and a former Jason Voorhees, Derek Meers, as an alien/human hybrid. And there are bugs involved. I think this is what the original plot for E.T. was, but I might be wrong.

Check out the film’s red carpet event below, with cast and crew interviews.

Find Lost Time on VOD starting Friday, September 19. If you wake up Saturday morning having forgotten you watched it, don’t be surprised to find Robert Davi knocking on your door later in the day.