Klingons Revealed In Next Star Trek Movie?

By Josh Tyler | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

If you’re a Star Trek fan odds are you definitely weren’t watching the MTV Movie Awards last night. They cater primarily to 16-year-olds who like Twilight movies, which is probably why youth-focused director JJ Abrams used them as the place to drop his first ever look at the next Star Trek movie.

During the broadcast Abrams showed up in an unrelated skit. The thing is, his segment seems to have been filmed in the Star Trek editing bay. As a result, on the screen behind him you see what appears to be a shot from the next Trek movie, a shot featuring a Klingon. Here’s the image captured by TrekMovie

And here’s the full MTV Movie Awards skit in which the image appeared…

A scene featuring Klingons was actually shot for the 2009 Star Trek movie, but never actually used. It’s on the DVD though and now on YouTube. In it the Klingons all wear metal helmets so you never actually see their faces, but they look pretty similar to that image you see in the background of the photo.

Abrams’ project remains shrouded in secrecy but there have been hints from Paramount Pictures that the leaking of this particular Klingon into the MTV Movie Awards was no accident. The inevitable speculation is free advertising and besides, isn’t about time someone told us something concrete about the as of yet still untitled next Star Trek movie? At least this is progress.