Interstellar: Matthew McConaughey Looks Skyward For Anwers In This Latest Poster

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

InterstellarYesterday we saw Matthew McConaughey wearing a space suit and walking on the surface of a distant alien world in a new poster for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming space epic Interstellar. Travels to such far away worlds are a key part of the story of the film, at least what little we know of it, but the other half is very Earth-based, which is readily apparent in yet another new one sheet that just appeared for the one of our most anticipated movies of this, or any, year.

The image on this poster from Yahoo is fairly simple, but does a nice job of capturing the themes and feeling of Interstellar, at least what we’ve seen thus far. McConaughey’s Cooper stands with his daughter, Murph (Mackenzie Foy), a young version of Jessica Chastain’s character (you can thank IMDb, among others, for spoiling that one), gazing into the sky.

What we know of the plot is encapsulated here. In a near future, global climate changed has progressed to the point where the world is one giant dustbowl reminiscent of the middle of America during the Great Depression. You can see that in the dilapidated state of the farm in the background. It’s so bad that Cooper, along with a team that includes Anne Hathaway, must leave our planet and travel through a newly discovered wormhole in hopes of finding a habitable planet the human race can settle on and colonize. The gravity of the stakes is definitely one thing we’re looking forward to in Interstellar.

This poster also shows off one other thing we’re really looking forward to: hope. Grim dystopias and barren post-apocalyptic scenarios have become such a prominent part of the current science fiction landscape, and though we do love them both dearly and they definitely do have their place, it can be a bit soul crushing at times. It says something very interesting about our collective mental state.

interstellarInterstellar, however, is something much more optimistic, even as serious and dire at it is. Nolan’s film harkens back to a time when we, as a species, looked up at the stars in the night sky and we saw our hope and excitement and possibilities and our future. You don’t see that as often these days as you once did. Perhaps we’re just that fatalistic as a society, but Interstellar looks to take a different path, to a time when space exploration meant something different to us, and we’re pretty damn pumped to see that play out on the big screen.

This image of Cooper and Murph gazing at the heavens has a clear message, even more so than the “Mankind was born on Earth, it was never meant to die here,” tagline, and that is, the answers are up there in the stars.

Interstellar opens everywhere in IMAX on November 7. And if you haven’t already, check out the most recent trailer, it’s nothing short of gorgeous.